Ifere Paul declared wanted over kidnappings and arm robbery by Cross River State Government

Ifere Paul declared wanted over kidnappings and arm robbery by Cross River State Government

Tears are rolling down the eyes of Cross Riverians and Calabar Reporters’ crew when we say this notice.

Too bad, Ifere Paul has been a big contributor to Calabar Reporters, so seeing and hearing such information, left us with nothing but dissatisfaction. It’s so naive to drag a man’s name like Ifere Paul to the mud, but we bet you, he’ll sure come out clean.


The Cross River State Government has just declared Ifere Paul wanted for kidnapping and arm robbery. The plea by the government is about to be released in a moment from now.

The government has by this shown its incompetence at gathering information concerning criminals in the State and has decided to come after innocent people who has been telling the stories of the happenings in Cross River State.

The government other than putting their heads in shame for lack of information has resorted to intimidation.

It is a known fact that I have been in the fore front of criticizing Governor Ben Ayade and his co governor, Frank Ayade. This is an attempt to cow me into silence. It is also a known fact that I have petitioned the government to EFCC and ICPC in the management of the bailout fund. A petition I defended in Port Harcourt only yesterday.

I have also petitioned the construction of Olum-Wula-Buanchor 14km road by Leophina Company Ltd, which is owned by Governor Ayade. I have been in the front burner of environmental activists fighting against the deforestation of the National Park in the name of the popular superhighway.

It is a known fact that I am the mouthpiece of the people of Cross River State and I make the government uncomfortable with my criticism. I have also, apart from criticizing, presented alternative arguments and recommendations which has in so many instances been adopted into government policies by the governor.

I am bold to say that I can not be fooled by such cheap blackmail, bragadocio, and outright incompetence of the government of Cross River State and its machineries.

To this end, I have sent a petition to the Attorney General, The Director General of the DSS, The Inspector General of Police, The Chinese Government, and the Presidency. This is to inform that of the plans by the incompetent Governor Ben Ayade plans to deal with the voices of the opposition in the State.

I refuse to be cowed and cannot be intimidated.

In any eventuality on my life, and or that of my loved ones, the government of Cross River State should be held responsible.

~Ifere Paul

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