ICC Helps Cover Medical Costs for Gunshot Victim in Nigeria

ICC Helps Cover Medical Costs for Gunshot Victim in Nigeria

By RM Africa

08/26/2022 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) –  On August 28, 2021, radicalized Islamic Fulani militants killed Christian Grace Peter’s husband and two children, one of whom was pregnant, in an attack on Kpachudu village in northern Nigeria. Militants also shot Grace’s 20-year-old son Godwill in the head.

Immediately following the attack, Godwill underwent emergency treatment to have the bullet removed from his head. About a month ago, however, he began experiencing excruciating pain in his brain.

His mother, Grace, told ICC that the pain is so great, he “[prefers] to die.” ICC covered the $200 fee for Godwill to return to a hospital for evaluation, where doctors determined that there is now bleeding in his brain. Godwill needs emergency surgery to prevent permanent damage.

Due to the complicated nature of the surgery, Godwill will need to be taken to Jos Federal Medical Center [remove name of hospital? Instead: to a larger hospital further away?”]. The surgery and recovery will cost about $3,400.00 USD.

Grace’s mother cried loudly as she told ICC, “I don’t know how to take care of my son. Help me again. I don’t want to lose another son again, I will have no one to help me farm.”

Godwill is only one of many Christians suffering from gunshot wounds received during attacks by Fulani militants.

“Over 100 hundred Christians [have been] killed in Irigwe chiefdom within the last year, … and 171 survived bullet gunshots,” said a community leader in Irigwe chiefdom, of Plateau state.

According to medical personnel at the Enos Hospital Miango, 27 people who were treated for gunshot wounds have not been able to pay their hospital bills, which total an estimated $6,000 USD. This has made it difficult for the hospital to stay financially afloat.

Please pray for Godwill as he undergoes brain surgery and consider contributing towards his medical bills here.

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