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"I Made A Big Life Decision My Family Didn’t Approve Of": People Are Recalling When They Became A "True Adult" And Everything Got Very Real


“I’ve joked in the past that a higher-stakes relationship made me an adult, or that I was old and boring because I asked for a vacuum for Christmas and was thrilled to get one, or because I’ve grown past the immature attitudes and actions of the people around me. But deep down, I worry that I’ll never really feel like an adult. I’m 23 and still living with my family because I can’t afford to move out. I don’t know what I want to do with my life, I lack what I consider to be important life skills, people frequently don’t take me seriously because of my age and gender, and part of me is still waiting for someone to tell me what to do.”

“Every day, I see another person I went to school with graduating, traveling, getting married, having babies, and I’m just…here. I don’t even want the same milestones I see for them, I just want proof that I’ve done something other than sitting here like a bump on a log.”