How Soldiers Saved Me From Abuja Mob–Unizik Lecturer

How Soldiers Saved Me From Abuja Mob–Unizik Lecturer

A lecturer at the Department of English Language and Literature, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Dr James Ile, Sunday, narrated how he was almost killed on Saturday at Area 1, Abuja, by urchins celebrating Sallah.

According to the literary scholar, the onslaught started at Area 1 under bridge.

He wrote on his Facebook page, “God delivered me from sudden torturous death yesterday: done with morning exercise and was gently driving home, and booom, l was hit by a motorcycle driven by an urchin carrying a fellow urchin and both high on Sallah excitement and obviously some drugs..

“Location: Area 1, underbridge roundabout [Abuja]. Dudes were at fault but came at me as if l was the one at fault.

“Within seconds their likes collected around me, pushing me here and there, dragging me hither and thither. I, somehow, found my way into my car, and while some guys were intervening for me, l zoomed off, very scared for my life.

“It was when l saw that the police officers at the roundabout were unconcerned that l told myself: ‘you have to run’. In fact, a taxi driver there who saw what happened said: ‘oga, just get out of here. They are at fault but they will kill you if you don’t get away’.

“The chase began. I was double crossed at the bigger rouudabout and was blocked with motoclycles. Then hell broke lose. [My] car windscreen was smashed, immediately. Bumper pulled out etc.

“Two army officers driving by saved me from being mobbed. These guys have no value for human lives. Besides, unable to communicate meaningfully in English aggravated the situation more.

“Without education for these guys, there will be no end to the evil they will keep unleashing.”

Dr Ile told our correspondent that, “Yes. They nearly killed me if not for two soldiers that were driving past and stopped to check them.”

Source: The Whistler.

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