How Old Is New Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal? Everything To Know About Him

How Old Is New Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal? Everything To Know About Him

How old is new Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal? Find out his age, Wikipedia, salary, and net worth in this artifact.

Parag is widely recognized as a technology executive. Reportedly, he had started his career at Microsoft where he worked in their research team.

Moreover, he has worked for popular companies like Yahoo!, AT&T Labs, etc. Well, he is another Indian origin to lead in the global business.

How Old Is New Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal? Age Revealed

New Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal is 45 years old. But, he hasn’t responded to his birthday yet.

Well, Parag had joined Twitter in October 2011 as a distinguished software engineer. After working for six years, he was appointed the CTO of the platform in October 2017.

Reportedly, Agrawal has worked a decade at Twitter. Finally, he is the new CEO of the company.

Previously, Jack Dorsey used to work as the CEO of Twitter. After he resigned, Agrawal was directly appointed the CEO.

Indeed, we can find Parag on Twitter. Under the username of @paraga, he has accumulated over 82.5 thousand followers.

Furthermore, he is on Instagram as @paraga. He has accumulated around 900 followers.

Moving on, Agrawal was happy to announce his assignment on Twitter. Moreover, he has thanked Jack for his mentorship and friendship.

Is Parag Agrawal On Wikipedia?

Yes, Parag Agrawal was recently introduced on Wikipedia. His profile claims that he hails from India.

Currently, he has been residing in San Francisco, California. You can read Parag’s biography on LinkedIn.

Reportedly, he attended Stanford University where he completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science. Moreover, he attended the Indian Institute of Technology where he earned his B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering.

After becoming the CEO of one of the best social media platforms, he claims that he is excited to take on the new job. Indeed, he must feel pressurized as we know netizens have high hopes for him.

Learn About Parag Agrawal Salary

Parag Agrawal’s fans are curious to find out his salary on Twitter. Moreover, we have no idea about his earnings at the moment.

Reportedly, the earlier CEO, Jack refused to take any payment from the platform. Inspired by Jack, Parag could reduce his salary significantly.

According to Business Insider, Jack’s salary in 2019 was $1.40. Reportedly, the amount represents the pay rise for not taking any money from the company in the past.

Parag Agrawal Net Worth Revealed

The Sun claims that Parag Agrawal’s net worth has reached $1.52 million. However, his exact financial details are yet to be known.

Hopefully, Agrawal reveals his assets and source of income soon. Indeed, his leadership at Twitter will be vital for the company.

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