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How obedience to OOO’s instruction created Akwa Ibom State but disobedience caused the Liberian war

By Eyo Charles

It should be noted very clearly that non adherence to the divine directive of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, the Sole Spiritual Head of the Universe, was responsible for the outbreak of the civil war in Liberia. The war lasted 13 years with monumental consequences.

The message from Leader Obu was very simple and concise. The message was that President Williams Tolbert Jr. and family should celebrate Love Feast in the Presidential Mansion in Monrovia, capital of Liberia.

That war was costly and most devastating. Yet the love feast that Leader Obu directed then President Tolbert Jr to celebrate would have cost a mere $30 or less as at 1980.

Now this is the story as relayed by Prophet BSW Ziworitin. He is now a Bishop-elect in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. He worshipped in the Ojo Road bethel of the fold under Apapa zone in Lagos State. Today, he is active in his hometown in Bayelsa State. He was popularly called the ‘Youngest’ because he was the youngest prophet ordained by the Father in the mid 1980s.

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As a young man in 1980 he worked with the then Nigeria Airways. In early 1980 his annual leave was due. He preferred to spend the one month leave with his cousin who was then residing in Monrovia.

On receipt of Ziworitin’s letter about his impending visit, the cousin was very excited, and began to proclaim to his neighbours and everywhere that a renowned prophet of God was coming to town to spend his holiday with him. Therefore, all those who had problems of any sorts should come and see him upon his arrival.

As a result, as Ziwo arrived in the home of his cousin in Monrovia, there was already surging crowd of people awaiting him. And so, the holiday he was going for turned out to be a full session of continual Father’s work – where he had to counsel, pray, heal and baptise increasing number of people on a daily basis.

One day as he prayed for people, he got a spiritual message. He heard a voice, saying: “Go to the presidential mansion and meet the president”.

Ziworitin said what he was to tell the president was not disclosed to him. He told his cousin and the people about the message.

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“My cousin and I embarked on the process of visiting the president. Luckily, it was not as cumbersome as we had envisaged. The protocol officers to the President accepted and gave us a date”, he narrated.

He said he and his cousin were punctual so as to keep the appointment. “I was dressed in my full soutane, complete with my prophet girdle. We were received as messengers from God.

“We were told the president was however not back from inspection of facilities tour around Monrovia but that the first lady could receive the message on his behalf”.

Ziworitin said he gathered the president’s wife and children in the presence of security aides, gave them the gospel and prayed over them.

“It was during this process of praying that the same voice came again: ‘Tell President Tolbert to celebrate love feast in the presidential mansion urgently. He should not allow 13 April 1980 to meet him in Liberia. He should leave Monrovia and see the Father in Calabar.'”

Ziworitin said upon receiving this second message, he said it openly to the wife, Tolbert’s children and the security aides. “I had to emphasise it over and again”, he said.

It is doubtful that Tolbert’s hearkened to the message. If not what took place would not have. He neither celebrated the feast nor visited the Holy Father nor did he leave Liberia before that date.

Few days after, junior soldiers from the Liberian Armed Forces led by Master Sergeant Samuel Kanyon Doe struck. Tolbert was killed and his body dragged along the streets of Monrovia by Doe’s men. Tolbert’s wife and children who received the message and delivered it to Tolbert escaped unhurt.

His disobedience not only led to his own death but the death of thousands of Liberians as well as other soldiers from Nigeria and many other West African nations which had moved into Liberia under the auspices of ECOMOG to help quell the raging civil war.

The aftermath of that war is still being felt today. The cost of the war in financial terms runs across Millions of Dollars. Nigeria which had led the ECOMOG troops lost much more than Liberia. Nigeria had to shoulder much of the cost, supplied men and war armaments. All these because of disobedience.


In late 1985, a large delegation of elders of then mainland part of former Cross River State alongside some BCS brethren paid a visit to Leader Olumba Olumba Obu in His Vestry in Calabar to acknowledge His divine deity.

In appreciation for the visit and recognition, Leader Obu said He was pleased to give them a befitting gift not only for the visit but to express happiness for the large number of their indigenes God was using as pioneers to lay the physical foundation of God’s eternal Kingdom on earth.

“Go and celebrate Love Feast in the three major ethnic areas in the Mainland, and I will give you a state”, Leader Obu ordered.

But the people perhaps did not understand the Father’s instruction. They only did the feast in Uyo town. When they returned to report the merciful and kind Father’s thundered. “That’s not what I directed should be done. Go back and celebrate feast on the lands of the three major ethnic groups of the state”.

When they hearkened to the clear directive, less than a year later, on 23 September 1987, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida cut out the mainland part of old Cross River State and announced its creation as Akwa Ibom State. He had also announced creation of Katsina State same date.

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