How much do the Arsenal squad get paid per week in 2022/23?

How much do the Arsenal squad get paid per week in 2022/23?

It is always a topic of discussion on whether the Arsenal players were worth the weekly wages that they are given, and never more so than when Eddie Nketiah was given his 100k-a-week contract when he re-signed at the beginning of the this season.

Most people would now agree he was worth the money after the contibutions he has made since Gabriel Jesus got injured in the World.

Also, we know the Gunners have just given a new contract to Gabriel Martinelli, which is rumoured to be in the region of 180k a week, and Bukayo Saka will probably be given even more than that when his next extension is announced, and hopefully we will see a similar deal given to William Saliba before the season ends.

But here is the salary for each of our squad members compiled by the Sports Data centre, and I’m sure there will be a few surprises in there for everyone.

The current top three earners are now:

1. Gabriel Jesus, who earns £265,000.
2. Thomas Partey, a £200,000 weekly salary
3. Gabriel Martinelli, who earns £180,000.

Which are the players salaries that surprise you the most?


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