How a golden hearted Fulani girl begging for arms made a ladies day in Ghana

How a golden hearted Fulani girl begging for arms made a ladies day in Ghana
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The story of this 10-year-old Fulani girl begging for arms in Ghana will shock you. 

A golden heart like this is hard to find nowadays in our society. For a girl begging on the streets ready to risk it all for the people who even have is super love. Even to us that have in abundance, we even dare to give out. 
Read her story below as the ladies are help shared her story:
The lady wrote:
“I made a new friend. She is Leila, one of those Fulani’s from Mali who beg for alms at the Accra mall. She approached me  smiled and spoke pidgin.Auntie “make u give me money make i buy food chop’.. I smiled back and said I  have not eaten since morning myself..she asked if it was true …I said yeah… she then handed me all the coins she had in hand… I asked if she is sure i could use the money…She replied Yes I  could…When I  counted the money, it was just a cedi and 10p… I told her it wont be enough…she asked me to wait for a minute…She went to check where she keeps her money and brought back  4cedis…She said 5 cedis should be enough to buy rice… I  told her i would need water she then asked me to wait so she begs  for some money for me, after  10 minutes she came back with 50 pesewas from her brother and said she can direct me to a canteen…I  followed her.While engaging her in conversation, people just starred at us.Others advised  i shouldn’t mind her. I told them she wasn’t begging for money.
“I distracted her with question while we waited.She is js 10 years. I asked why she gave me all the money.She replied “ibi u dey hungry auntie, i go fit beg for money but u no go fit, so just take am”.At  this point i had tears in my eyes.People were wondering what conversation we were having..She asked that i take photos with her.When my friend arrived she told her to make sure i get food to eat. I asked her to take back her money.She looked very disappointed and asked why, I  told her i just needed company while i waited…
Wow, what a touching story. I believe you and I would agree that Leila has a heart of gold. How many of us will give wholeheartedly to people who need our help in trying times as this young lady did. 
This is love. She loves her neighbour as herself or more than herself I should say. I  pray that Leila will never lack anything in life,Father bless her and protect her and all her family. Because of this act of love O lord, may she prosper in life. Send forth angels to make a way for her and her family. Leila you are blessed. Brethren, lets learn to love like Leila.
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