How can Arsenal be in the Top Four? It’s impossible, surely…

How can Arsenal be in the Top Four? It’s impossible, surely…

How can Arsenal be in the top 4? by AndersS

Cheer up Gooners – it can’t all be bad.

The table doesn’t lie! It is an old saying, but it is still the truth.
We are currently 4th, and I strongly believe we will finish no worse than 5th.

But how can that be?

We have a clueless rookie manager, who’s record of mistakes and faults are numerous:

1) He is regularly outdone tactically
2) He coaches stale defensive football
3) He gives away some of the best player for free to other clubs
4) He loans out the rest of the best players
5) He micro manages and confuses players
6) He picks the wrong players to play, when he has better options on the bench
7) He spends transfer money on the wrong players

The list is probably longer. I just can’t remember it all.

But if we take all this into account, how come we aren’t in the bottom of the league?

We are 4th at the moment, and we have just beaten Chelsea and Man United. During the same week, we won those two games, Spurs, with their world class manager, played Brighton and Brentford and got 1 point without a single shot on target, they say. Surely, that is isn’t the case?

But it is. Why?

Maybe because the rest of the players, who really should be second choices behind those given away, loaned out and put on the bench, are of an unbelievable high standard? I didn’t know we had such quality in depth in our squad, that we can let all those second choices play according to the rookies strange tactics and still get us to Top 4 or maybe 5. Is it really so? Or could it be, that something else is going on?

Maybe the future is bright?

kind regards

Anders S

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