Hotashi shares his Guilty Gear Strive ver. 2.04 tier list

Hotashi shares his Guilty Gear Strive ver. 2.04 tier list

Guilty Gear Strive’s version 1.24 patch (which brought the battle version of the game up to 2.04) has been in the hands of the players for a few months now. That block of time is solid enough for players to start really understanding each character’s strengths and weaknesses, especially relative to the game’s previous version.

Top Strive competitor Moist|Hotashi recently shared his Guilty Gear Strive 2.04 tier list ranking each of the current fighters by how good they are in combat.

Hotashi’s latest tier chart is organized into five different ranks: S, A, B, C, and D. While some players don’t specify up front, Hotashi did note that the characters on this list are ordered by strength as well.

“This is mostly based on current state of affairs/highest potential play on this day,” he wrote in a follow up tweet about this tier list. “But if we’re talking what I would perceive of the endgame of this patch then it would look much different.”

Up at the top of the heap, we see Happy Chaos as the #1 best in the game. Despite receiving what appear to be nerfs, Hotashi says that he doesn’t quite agree that the character has been nerfed all that much, and still feels that the gunner is the best.

On the other end of the spectrum, Hotashi places Sin as the sole character in the lowest rank. Though he feels that Sin can be good against some characters, Hotashi explains that this fighter is “very bad” and is certain that he will eventually see buffs.

If you’d like to hear Hotashi’s explanations for all of the placements on this list, you can check out the replay of his recent live stream in which he provided a full breakdown of the tier list.

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