Horizon Europe Guarantee scheme extension to support UK R&D

Horizon Europe Guarantee scheme extension to support UK R&D
  • Government extends Horizon Europe Guarantee scheme to end of June, protecting funding for UK researchers, businesses and innovators
  • the scheme was originally launched in November 2021 and UKRI has issued grants worth more than £882 million to the end of February 2023
  • the government’s priority is to support the UK’s research and development sector during ongoing period of uncertainty and ensure strong international collaboration opportunities for UK research

The government has today (6 March 2023) announced an extension to the support provided to UK Horizon Europe applicants, originally launched in November 2021 and UKRI has issued grants worth more than £882 million to the end of February 2023. The extension will ensure that eligible, successful UK applicants will continue to be guaranteed funding, supporting them to continue their important work in research and innovation.

The guarantee will be in place to cover all Horizon Europe calls that close on or before the end of June 2023. Eligible, successful applicants to Horizon Europe will receive the full value of their funding at their UK host institution for the lifetime of their grant.

Science and Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan said:

“We are determined to ensure our world-class researchers are given the clarity and certainty they need to continue their sterling work, which is why I am taking the immediate step to extend the Horizon Europe guarantee, worth £882 million to date, for an additional three months to the end of June.”

Successful awardees do not need to leave the UK to receive this funding, which will provide reassurance for future collaborations, and support UK researchers whether association is confirmed, or otherwise.

On the 27 February, the UK and the EU agreed on the Windsor Framework, which delivers for the people and businesses of Northern Ireland. It ensures free-flowing trade in goods within the UK, protects Northern Ireland’s place in our Union, and safeguards sovereignty in Northern Ireland. Government will continue to work constructively with the EU on a range of issues and will take stock of progress on our future cooperation under the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

The government’s position continues to be one of openness to discussions on research collaboration and the EU’s recent openness to discussions, following two years of delay, is welcome – though it has not yet made any proposals to address the financial terms of UK association.

The government is ready to work swiftly and constructively together on a range of issues, including UK association. Ministers will continue to put the interests of businesses and researchers across the UK first so they can take forward the ground-breaking research and drive forward innovation with their international partners.

Last year, the government set out details of transitional measures, which will be implemented in the event the measures need to be pursued. The publication confirmed that transitional measures would pick up where the current guarantee has left off, so there will be no funding gap, and no eligible successful applications would go unsupported.

Details regarding the scope and terms of the extension are available on the UKRI website.

Source: GOV.UK

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