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Holy Bible demonstratively desecrated in Seattle

Seattle, June 28, 2022

Pro-abortionists play soccer with a Bible. Photo: screenshot from Seattle Preacher Twitter page.   

On June 26, a Twitter user called “Seattle Preacher” posted a video on his Twitter page of a group of people playing soccer with the Bible, then tossing in into a portable toilet. It is not clear what exactly induced them to commit this desecration other than hatred for Christianity, but the Twitter user suspects such hate crimes are growing in the U.S. after the repeal of Roe vs. Wade, allowing individual states to make their own decisions as to whether abortions will be legal or illegal. “Desecration of another person’s Religious material is a HATE CRIME. If this was a Quran people would be outraged. People must really hate the WORD of GOD right now,” said Seattle Preacher.

The U.S. mainstream media tend to confirm his suspicion. On MSNBC, for example, an article was posted three days ago with the headline, “The hypocrisy of Christian ‘religious freedom’ rhetoric post-Roe.” It included such opinions as:

“When most Americans think about religion and abortion, they probably think about the vocal Christian right: Protesters outside abortion clinics with crosses, anti-abortion signs with slogans like “We Are Praying for the End of Abortion,” young white women in Uggs marching with their Bible study groups, evangelical preachers delivering the closing prayers at the March for Life, whose president, not incidentally, used to work for the Catholic Church.

“This public connection is no accident. Nationalist, conservative Christians have used abortion as a political rallying cry for years. And although clergy members have always been involved politically, and on all parts of the political spectrum, in the United States, reactionary Christian theology is currently shaping collective American society most profoundly.”

The New York Times underscores Christian support for the repeal:

“The sense of jubilation playing out in sanctuaries and homes cut a striking contrast to the mass protests from the many supporters of abortion rights outraged by the ruling. Waving signs and using megaphones, they said that conservatives were imposing their religious beliefs on the country and women’s bodies.”

The Economist focuses on church-state relations in its article entitled, “How is the Supreme Court changing the law of religious liberty in America? Its conservative majority is expanding the right to religious exercise at the expense of church-state separation.” The article describes in ominous overtones that, “The Supreme Court has lately shown a strong inclination for overruling precedents.” This is of course referring to precedents that have built up over the past few decades under liberal Supreme Court justices.

Search engine searches for secular websites with articles that in an either overt or subtle way do not condemn the ruling bring little or no results.

And as expected, the first states to ban abortions were in the “Bible Belt”: Missouri, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Alabama. Wisconsin now also prohibits abortion, as do South Dakota and the Mormon state, Utah; although Louisiana and Utah’s bans were blocked by court. Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, West Virginia, Idaho, Wyoming, and North Dakota are expected to prohibit abortions soon. Conversely, the West Coast states have promised to become “abortion havens”.

Meanwhile, as Lifesite News reports, “Catholic churches and other pro-life institutions have been under assault by pro-abortion activists in recent weeks, particularly since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision last Friday.” This includes an historic Catholic church in West Virginia that was burned to the ground yesterday. The burning of the church known as “The Little Catholic Church on Irish Mountain” was declared “suspicious” by the authorities.

Source: Orthodox Christianity