Hit FM OAPs, NYSC Corper, ThisDay Reporter, Others on CRS Govt most wanted list

Hit FM OAPs, NYSC Corper, ThisDay Reporter, Others on CRS Govt most wanted list

Has it come to this? Don’t you think it’s the wrong decision for Cross River State (CRS) Government? For the six (6) man list below have been confronted and declared wanted the the state government. Read them below:

1. Last week Wednesday, Maurice Inok and Ukay Ogar of Hit FM breakfast show were both summoned to the governors office and were sternly  warned to stop talking about the Security issues in Cross River State.

2. A corps member currently serving in Ebonyi and a news freelancer for Premium Times was arrested by the DSS. He does not belong to any political party.

After reporting the story of the suspected militants who storm Cross River State Governors’ Office and held the deputy governor and others hostage. According to information available, the young freelancer was in Calabar and actually interviewed the spokesman of the militants. He even took pictures of the militant group.

Two weeks after the publication on premium times after the incident at government house with the militants, the freelancer was arrested by DSS in his place of Primary Assignment far away in Ebonyi State and was detained for several hours.

The arrest warrant, according to the records, was from the Cross River State Government.

3. The reporter of ThisDay News in Calabar has been very daring with his investigation on the militants activities in Calabar, Akpabuyo, and Bakassi. He was responsible for the declaration of two  LGA, namely Akpabuyo and Bakassi as taken over by militants. Few days after the publication, the State Government tried to intimidate him for his daring reportage but failed.

4. Joseph Odok was invited by the Nigerian Police Zonal Headquarters, Zone 6 Calabar. His offense was because he consistently and daringly criticised the governor of CRS and one of its senators.

5. Ogon Bonaventure, this unintimidated and fearless critic has been blackmailed time and time again by one Alphonsus Ogar Eba, Director General of due process.

6. Ifere Paul is their next target. And this is like fighting the devil. Ifere has been declared wanted already by the Cross River State Government. Thereby making him a political dissident. Ifere has nothing to loss or fear.

It is time to talk the bitter and painful truths. No one can intimidate me.

~Ifere Paul

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