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Here are the 5 best characters for beginners in King of Fighters 15

24 mura | Here are the 5 best characters for beginners in King of Fighters 15 | The Paradise News

The battle is raging and the fire is ablaze as old school fans and newcomers alike have been enjoying King of Fighters 15 for a good 10 days now, and if you’re a tad intimidated by the 39-character roster (from which you’ll need to pick three fighters) you’re definitely not alone.

Those who are well-acquainted with the franchise can likely pick up KOF15 and go, for the most part, but if you’re just stepping into the ring for the first time then you’ll love MC MuraFGC’s new video in which he lays out five particular characters who will best help you understand the game and its fundamentals.

What exactly are we getting at when we say a certain character might help you understand the game better? Take Ryu in Street Fighter as an example that helps us avoid spoilers. Ryu’s basic design rests on his key abilities to throw fireballs, perform uppercuts as anti-airs, and control the closer-ranges with his crouching medium kick.

You’ll quickly find examples of other Street Fighter characters who will be able to do some of these things more effectively than Ryu, but playing the SF poster boy naturally ushers players toward learning the basics of fundamental Street Fighter pillars of projectile-throwing, anti-airing, and footsie play.

King of Fighters is decently similar to Street Fighter, but has some major differences once you start getting into the nitty gritty. The various jumps and hops every character can do, for instance, pulls the general focus away from poking at characters’ feet (like in Street Fighter’s example) and forces players to hone in more on attacks that will patrol the area around opponents’ midsections.

Certain characters have go-to game plans that will aid newcomers in getting the most fundamental aspects of KOF15 down, and FC Mura has done the work in finding them and articulating the finer points as to why they fit the bill. Check out his full video below, and consider subscribing to his channel for more helpful content.