Gov Ayade’s Developmental Option For Cross River: A National Model

Gov Ayade’s Developmental Option For Cross River: A National Model

 A story is told of how seven blind men went to assess an Elephant. The one who touched the trunk, ear, eye, lap, hand, tail or tusk all gave different version or impression of what an Elephant is. Like an Elephant, the debut of the Calabar – Ikom – Kastna Ala Superhighway in Cross River State and indeed in Sub-Sahara Africa has become a subject of many analyses by those who think they know the development option Cross River should adopt different from what Governor Ben Ayade, an intellectual power house has brought to us.

Like an Elephant the construction of the 260km Superhighway by Governor Ayade is strange to many people in this part of the world who have never heard about such a mega-project before now or may have not seen one in their life time. But are we all blind in Cross River? No! Cross River is well known as a trail blazer in the comity of states in Nigeria. Many litany of first have been accomplished by the state indigenes in many areas. Such that Cross River was to produce the first Professor in Nigeria – Prof. Eyo Ita; the first National World Boxing Champion, Hogan Bassey was a Cross Riverian; the first football match in Nigeria was played in Calabar at Hope Waddle Training Institute and the first Inspector General of Police Louis Edet was from the state.

In recent times, Cross River has proved itself as first among equals in the area of development such that the first and the longest Cabal car in Africa is install in Obudu Mountain Resort; Cross River is the first to operate a sub-national and national model in the world on Environmental Conservation and Preservation Project known as Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation REDD+ (biodiversity conservation, enhancement of forest carbon stock and sustainable forest management) a United Nations’ (UN) programme expected to accrue some millions of dollars to the state in the nearest future.

It is therefore not out of place that the present administration of His Excellency Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade has taken the developmental notch of the state higher in the construction of first Monorail and a garment factory to be operated electrically and by computerized programming in Africa. No wonder that his two signature projects: the 260km Superhighway and the Bakassi Deep Seaport can be referred to as the “mother of all developmental projects” ever executed by any leader in Cross River. These two projects which have become a subject of many controversial reviews couple with a flood of petitions to National and International Organizations even though these projects expectedly will chart a new economic roadmap for our state which will ultimately attract investment inflow and generate multiple employments as well as increased revenue to government and the populace.

It is note worthy to say that Governor Ayade had the option of executing quick-fixed-projects that are of lesser magnitude or cost has to gain instant popularity from the people on his policies yet he choose to walk a more tedious longer road to bring economic prosperity to Cross Riverians and generations yet unborn.

My advice is that those who had the opportunity to lead the state out of economic doldrums but squandered it on the altar of ego and self glorification should allow Cross River to move forward and adhere to the biblical injunction which says that “there is time for everything under the sun”. This is the time God has chosen a leader of Prof. Ayade’s caliber for the state. A man with an extraordinary vision and a mission to deliver. Governor Ayade is no doubt a Joshua to take over the Canaan Land as appointed by God to give Cross River its real paradise status.

Again, it is only right to compare Governor Ayade’s ascendancy to power to that of the biblical legendry King David who ruled Israel during the turbulence years of war. But created for himself a status which the Jewish Nation now ascribe their descendant to the lineage of the tribe of King David.

It is apt to say that Prof. Ayade is doing what he is noted for with the leadership of the state – a barrier breaker! He broke poverty to become superrich. Broke academic barrier to professorship at a young age. He broke business obstacle to become an Oil and Gas czar and he broke social stratification to become a philanthropist extraordinary, a social crusader to eradicate poverty. He is the only state chief executive in Nigeria who puts the welfare of his people above other state matters. For instance, he pays prompt and regular salary to workers and unprecedented number of political appointees in his state.

Like the Jewish Nation which has made legendry biblical King David their national reference point, I believe that sometimes in the future schools in Nigeria will begin to study “Ayadeism” as a national model.

Constructing a Superhighway and a Bakassi Deep Seaport in this era of digital age by a Digital Governor make sense, even though we are still far behind the Western world which is in an era of space exploration.

I believe Governor Ayade’s developmental option for Cross River is futuristic and difficult to understand by those who do not know his ability of having a magical wand to perform. But he is a Bulldozer who will pull down all opposition to succeed. I have watch his activities over the years and come to a conclusion that he is “born to win” in every venture he engages in. The Calabar-Ikom-Katsina Ala Superhighway and the Bakassi Deep Seaport are no exception to his winning strakes.

The completion of the Superhighway and the Seaport are project we should eagerly awaits. Indeed, one is tempted here, to right a caption for Ayade’s end of tenure in office in eight years time to an expected documentary to read: “Ayade’s model: the making of a paradise state” out of Cross River.        
Writen by: Augustine Ogar, S.A. Publicity (Print)
Mr. Augustine Ogar is the Special Assistant to the Governor on publicity (Print Media)

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