Google Pixel 7 Pro will have a brighter display than its predecessor: Report

Google Pixel 7 Pro will have a brighter display than its predecessor: Report

Google Pixel 7 Pro SoC details (leaked) 

To recall, Google bricked the prototypes of the Google Pixel 7 Pro and Google Pixel 7, making them unusable and preventing any further specification breaches. Now, the administrators of the “Google News” group on Telegram were approached by the owner of one of these bricked Pixel 7 prototypes(via). The team then researched the Pixel 7 Pro using the information they had at their disposal, specifically the logs that are produced when trying to boot up the phone and the bootloader’s source code.

The Pixel 7’s GS201 chip will use the 4+2+2 triple-tier CPU layout, similar to the first-gen Tensor chip. The four low-end cores will take care of simple tasks, and the two mid-cores and two high-level cores will manage the hardcore stuff. The low-end cores will use Cortex A55 cores. Further, the Pixel 7 Pro will use the Cirucss Logic CA40L26 chip for haptics.

Google Pixel 7 Pro display details (leaked) 

Previously leak suggests that Samsung model number S6E3HC3 makes the Pixel 7 Pro’s panel. And now, according to the Google Source page, Pixel 7 Pro has a Samsung S6E3HC4 panel, which will allow it to reach a maximum brightness of 600 nits when the manual brightness setting is activated. The maximum high brightness mode luminosity of the Samsung S6E3HC4 display will also increase from 800 nits to 1000 nits.

According to Mishaal Rehman’s analysis, the Pixel 7 Pro might be able to attain over 1200 nits at a lower APL value because this HBM value reflects 100 percent APL. The Pixel 7 Pro will bring significant upgrades in the display area by being brighter than the Pixel 6 Pro in both normal and high brightness mode.

Source: 91 Mobiles.

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