Google Pixel 6a vs Pixel 5a, Galaxy A53 5G and iPhone SE (2022): Battery drain test

Google Pixel 6a vs Pixel 5a, Galaxy A53 5G and iPhone SE (2022): Battery drain test

By Sayak Mukherjee

The Google Pixel 6a was recently launched in India, and we at 91mobiles have already got our hands on it. We have also pitched the budget Pixel device against one of its main rivals from the other side of the pond, the Apple iPhone SE (2022), about which you can read here. 

Google Pixel 6a vs rivals: battery drain test

PhoneArena, a popular YouTube channel, has conducted an elaborate battery drain test of the Google Pixel 6a. The video also compares it with some of its top rivals, which are the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G and the Apple iPhone SE (2022). For reference, the video also subjects the Google Pixel 5a, the predecessor to the 2022 budget Pixel, to see how the new one fairs when it comes to the battery. 

According to the channel, the tests are conducted using a standardised format and ‘specialised’ equipment. However, the channel conducts a particular test for the entirety of a device’s battery life, meaning that a single test would run on the device until it’s dead zero. 

The first test that’s conducted is an everyday task, i.e. web browsing. The test is conducted on all four devices after they are set at a constant brightness, and the page is scrolled through at regular intervals. The first phone to give up is the iPhone SE (2022), after having pulled through 11 hours and 53 minutes with its 2,018mAh battery, the smallest in this test. The Pixel 6a with its 4,410mAh battery dies next, followed by the Pixel 5a with a 4,680mAh battery after having run for 13 hours and 51 minutes and 15 hours and 6 minutes, respectively. The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, with the largest 5,000mAh battery, lasts the longest after having worked for 15 hours and 45 minutes in this test. 

The next test is more taxing, which makes the devices playback video. The test sees the iPhone SE (2022) ending its stint with just 4 hours and 28 minutes on the stopwatch. The older Pixel 5a takes the win here with 10 hours and 46 minutes on the clock, followed by the Pixel 6a and the Galaxy A53 5G. 

Overall, the Pixel 5a and Pixel 6a post decent battery backup, followed by the Galaxy A53 5G. The iPhone SE (2022), with its smallest battery, simply finds it difficult to keep up. 

Source: 91 Mobiles.

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