Genesis 8 has been postponed to April 15-17, 2022

Genesis 8 has been postponed to April 15-17, 2022

Late last night, it was announced that Genesis 8 would be postponed to April 15-17, 2022 due to COVID and operational concerns. This announcement came just two weeks prior to January 28, 2022, the original date that was scheduled for Genesis 8.

Those that previously registered for Genesis 8 have automatically been signed up for the new date. While the Genesis tournament usually operates under a policy that prohibits refunds, they are allowing refund requests up until February 18.

The Genesis 8 staff have noted that the decision to postpone the event has incurred a cost of six figures. It is noted that the alternatives would’ve ensured the permanent cancellation of the Genesis event.

Due to these high costs associated with moving, only a 50% refund is being offered for venue and top 8 passes. However, anyone that registered after January 7, or is an international attendee, will be offered a full refund. In addition, a full refund is being offered to everyone for event fees.

Despite this decision to move the event, the Genesis 8 staff are assuring attendees that they will absolutely not postpone the event again, unless the government shuts down the venue.

We have made the decision to postpone Genesis 8.

The new date for the event will be April 15th-17th, 2022, at the same venue.

We know this feels abrupt and very close to the event date, but the conditions that necessitated this decision were just as abrupt. We have taken everything into consideration and made what we believe is the best decision possible for the safety of our attendees, staff, and the quality of the event itself given the circumstances and the timeline.

This decision was not made lightly. Making this change just two weeks before the event is something we never intended or expected to do. Over the last two months, we have been constantly reevaluating our situation week by week to make sure that we can safely and confidently execute the event to the standards that are expected of Genesis, and up until recently, we were still confident in delivering that to you.

The safety of our attendees is priority number one for us. When someone buys a ticket for Genesis, we have an obligation as organizers to ensure a safe environment for everyone attending our event. We had planned on many extra safety precautions, such as onsite PCR testing for staff, an entire second venue hall (100k sq.ft) to space things out further, PPE supplies for volunteers and staff, including a limited amount for attendees, sanitizing products all over the venue, and multiple hours long meetings with the venue and staff to ensure a safe and easy flow for vaccination check in.

In spite of all the extra safety precautions we have planned, we still don’t think we can provide a reasonably safe event in these circumstances.

Besides safety, we’d also be risking the event not being able to actually function. With our current staff and volunteer numbers, we’re unsure that we would even be able to finish the tournament on time, which would cost us in overages that we simply cannot afford, not to mention the enormous detriment to player experience.

Several key staff members have dropped out over entirely understandable safety concerns that we realistically cannot solve. And with still two weeks to the original date, it’s likely even more staff would have done the same, making not postponing an even greater gamble.

More than half of all our vendors have withdrawn, and refund requests are increasing each day. Most importantly, the added stress and sacrifices we would have to ask of our remaining staff and volunteers to take on would be too detrimental to their mental and physical health.

By postponing, we will be incurring costs into the six figure range. Any other alternative would have shut our doors for good, and we would not be able to do another Genesis event again. Thankfully, we are fortunate to have a venue that could accommodate us and move the event to a viable date, something that not all events operating in this omicron peak have the opportunity to do, and we ask that you extend your understanding towards them.

Since its inception, our goal for each Genesis has been to curate an unforgettable and memorable weekend for everyone attending, and for those watching from home. We strive to set a standard that we can be proud of with each event, and regrettably that is no longer achievable with the current situation. The essence of what makes Genesis what it is, would not be present if the event were to take place.

We ask for your understanding for this inconvenience, but we believe postponing the event is in the best interests of our attendees and staff. With the new date, we will be able to deliver a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone involved, and hope to see you at G8 in April, under better conditions.

If you have any questions about registration, travel, hotel, vendors, and refunds please refer to the FAQ we have made at:



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