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From Her Age and Husband to Her Family, Jean Goebel’s Biography is fascinating!

Dan Rather’s wife, Jean Goebel, is an experienced journalist who has received multiple accolades. They’ve been together for 63 years.

Quick Facts

Full Name Jean Goebel
Date of Birth N/A
Age N/A
Height/How tall?
Profession American VIP
Father Name N/A
Mother Name N/A
Gender Identity Female
Is Married? Yes
Is Gay?
Net Worth N/A

The Relationship Between Jean Goebel and Her Husband, Dan Rather

Jean Goebel worked as a secretary in a private firm while her sister worked at KTRH, a CBS radio affiliate in Houston. Her sister introduced her to Dan, who was the news director for KTRH in 1956.

After applying for a secretarial post at the KTRH, Jean met Dan through her sister. She described him as a beautiful, clever, and kind man at the introduction. They began dating the following year after falling in love quickly after their initial meeting. The pair married in 1957.

Jean Goebel’s children

A year after their wedding, Jean and Dan welcomed their first child, a daughter named Robin Rather. The family of three became four as Goebel gave birth to a boy, Danjack Rather, in 1960. While working as a broadcaster, Dan was had to leave his house for extended periods of time. He barely spent 31 days of the year at home throughout the civil rights movement.

While he was away, Jean looked after the house and the kids. She supported her husband’s career while also ensuring the family’s stability. Her partner-in-crime had progressed to the position of CBS news presenter in 1970 after beginning as a pressman for several news agencies and radio FMs. For more than 20 years, he also hosted CBS’ flagship show, CBS Evening News.

Jean is currently residing in New York with her family. Jean and Dan have been married for almost 60 years and are the picture of a perfect pair.

Family Members’ Professions

Goebel’s husband is a senior journalist who worked for CBS News for 44 years. The 89-year-old hosts The Big Interview with Dan Rather, which airs on AXS TV. Her children, like her spouse, have accomplished success in their own fields. Her 61-year-old daughter, Robin Rather, is an environmental activist with a background in sustainability. Her 59-year-old son Danjack works as an attorney. He left his job as an assistant district attorney in Manhattan after nearly 33 years.

From Danjack’s marriage, Goebel has two grandkids. Her eldest grandchild, Martin Rather, is an aspiring election lawyer. The 23-year-old received her Master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School in May 2019. His grandparents have a good bond with him. Her other grandson, Andy Rather, works for the government.

The importance of family values is stressed

In 2017, Jean and her family took part in a Christmas quiz. It was simply another quiz game on Jean’s grandson’s smartphone. The terms of the game were simple: properly answer 12 questions and you’ll win a jackpot. Jean’s grandson properly answered the question concerning musician Kendrick Lamar, and Jean added her arts and crafts expertise to another issue.

Dan, Jean’s husband, got a question about the Iran-Contra incident right, while Danjack, the old couple’s son, got a question about Phil Collins and Genesis right. The Rathers outperformed all other contenders and deservedly took home the $30 prize. Dan, who has a net worth of $70 million, stressed that the game was about spending time with his family and creating memories, not about winning a significant quantity of money.

He went on to explain that it was crucial to share a feeling of love and family and that the Rather family did so for Christmas in 2017.