Fox News Has Ghosted Lara Logan After She Compared Fauci to Nazi Doc

Fox News Has Ghosted Lara Logan After She Compared Fauci to Nazi Doc

Since Fox Nation host Lara Logan compared Dr. Anthony Fauci to a Nazi war criminal last November, she has all but disappeared from Fox airwaves. In fact, it would appear as though the conservative cable giant took a stand on her increasingly unhinged rhetoric and cut ties with the once-respected journalist.

But even Logan is in the dark on where she now stands with Fox News. “I don’t really know,” she admitted during a podcast interview last week.

The former 60 Minutes correspondent, who since 2019 has hosted Lara Logan Has No Agenda on Fox’s digital streaming service Fox Nation, has yet to make a single appearance across Fox News Media platforms since her Fauci comments. Her Fox Nation program has not aired any new episodes and is no longer actively promoted by the network. Even the production company contracted to produce Logan’s series has quietly distanced itself from her.

No stranger to controversy, Logan drew the condemnation of Jewish groups and Holocaust remembrance organizations after declaring Fauci to be like the Nazi physician known as the “Angel of Death,” during a Nov. 29 appearance on Fox News Primetime. “What you see on Dr. Fauci, this is what people say to me, that he doesn’t represent science to them,” she exclaimed. “He represents Josef Mengele. Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who did experiments on Jews during the Second World War and in the concentration camps.”

Logan continued to stoke outrage by doubling down on social media, at one point attempting to beef with the Auschwitz Museum of all places. But her presence on Fox News came to a complete stop.

Reached by The Daily Beast this week, Logan declined to comment, instead publishing to Twitter a text message sent to her by one of the reporters of this story. “What do you think? Likely to be an honest attempt at real journalism or a hit piece?” Logan captioned the tweet, before sharing an anti-vaccine conspiracy site’s unhinged blog post accusing The Daily Beast of being a CIA plant.

The network has not once publicly remarked on Logan, despite how she’d been a frequent on-air presence and her digital show was featured prominently in promos for Fox Nation. Rather than make any on-record statements, the network merely noted to media outlets that Logan was an “unpaid guest” who hadn’t appeared on-air since the ordeal. And the network’s public silence continued even after Fauci himself said he was “astounded” that Fox hadn’t punished Logan for her “totally slanderous” comments.

Warm Springs Production, the company that produces Lara Logan Has No Agenda, has been similarly tight-lipped. The company has not responded to repeated requests for comment, but it did remove No Agenda from both the Warm Springs show schedule and the list of shows produced by the company. (Three of the Montana-based firm’s productions—How America Works, American Gold: The Legend of Bear Gulch and American Dream Home—currently run in primetime on Fox News sister channel, the Fox Business Network.)

Representatives for both Warm Springs Production and Fox News did not immediately respond to requests for comment on this story.

But with media critics proclaiming she’d been “secretly sidelined,” a Fox anchor brutally subtweeting her, and her absence from the network becoming highly conspicuous, Logan finally spoke out about the situation this month.

In a nearly two-hour conversation with Ivory Hecker, the former Fox 26 Houston reporter who infamously ended her career by secretly recording her bosses for right-wing activist group Project Veritas, Logan acknowledged it’s “absolutely true” that she has not appeared on Fox News since November.

Logan also confirmed she was an “unpaid guest” during her many appearances across the network, even after she began hosting her Fox Nation program.

“I do and have done a lot of work on Fox News over the last few years and I’ve really enjoyed it, actually, because so many of the hosts and anchors are just, you know, they’re really amazing and they have been so gracious with me and we respect each other,” she told Hecker. “But I would say to you that it’s a lot of work—and I have never been, I’m not paid for that. I was paid to do my series on Fox Nation. And there’s an obvious benefit there.”

Noting that Logan still lists herself as the show’s host on her Twitter bio, Hecker wondered if the ex-60 Minutes reporter is at least still associated with Fox Nation.

“Well, I don’t know at this point how that’s going to turn out. I’m not very good at updating those things. I think you can probably find a Facebook page that still has me listed as a 60 Minutes correspondent,” Logan replied, adding: “So, I don’t really care about the details. Of course, I’ll update it. I want it to be accurate, and when we figure it out, I will definitely do that.”

Later in the interview, Hecker suggested Fox has “created a pickle for itself,” because while the network ostensibly did not “like the headlines” caused by Logan’s comments, they also don’t want to risk angering loyal right-wing viewers by publicly disowning her.

“Fox is saying, like, ‘Oh, what’s gonna cause us less drama?’ It seems like that’s where you are at right now, that you’re kind of in this limbo. Is that what’s going on?” Hecker asked.

“I don’t really know, to be honest, because, you know, I’m not on their payroll,” Logan answered. “So I, you know, I’m not in communication with them.”

Elsewhere, Logan confirmed that she was never “hired by Fox Nation,” and was instead “paid through a production company,” referring to Warm Springs. However, she claimed, there were talks about bringing Logan onto the Fox Nation payroll. “It may happen, it may not happen. I don’t know,” she said.

Logan also confessed that while “it would be the greatest thing if there was a nationwide uproar if I’m not on their air,” her more “realistic” assessment is that “everyone is expendable” to a certain degree. “And so while people may not agree with it or maybe not like it, how many of them will actually stop watching Fox?” she conceded.

“I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Fox Nation has you back on,” Hecker concluded. “It would be really dumb of them not to. I think they’ll lose viewers for it.”

“They might not care!” Logan exclaimed. “They just might not care.”

Logan’s situation ultimately seems to parallel the one that befell right-wing vloggers Diamond & Silk. The MAGA diehard siblings came under fire in April 2020 for peddling a wide range of unhinged COVID-19 conspiracy theories, prompting Fox to completely cut ties with them.

Though the pair had been providing weekly videos to Fox Nation since the service’s 2018 launch, they were never actually Fox employees. Instead, Fox News paid them to license their content on the digital platform.

The network, in the end, never once publicly commented on Diamond & Silk falling out with Fox —just as they’ve remained mum on Logan.

Diana Falzone was an on-camera and digital reporter for from 2012 to 2018. In May 2017, she filed a gender discrimination and disability lawsuit against the network and settled, and left the company in March 2018.


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