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Fortnite Chapter 4 goes live: Geralt, Doom Slayer, new Island, weapons, and everything new

By Kshiteej Naik

New Island, weapons

Fortnite Chapter 4 comes with a new map that has formed after the Chapter 3 finale. Epic Games has previously introduced new maps in a similar fashion. The new Island has various points of interest including The Citadel, Anvil Square, Brutal Bastion, Frenzy Fields, and more. Out of these, The Citadel is ruled by The Ageless Champion, who can be defeated for some great loot. Besides these, Fortnite gets a bunch of new weapons such as Ex-Caliber rifle, Thunder shotgun, Maven auto shotgun, Red-Eye assault rifle, Twin Mag SMG, Tactical pistol, and Shockwave Hammer. Shockwave Hammer is a unique and fun weapon that can launch you far away as well as destroy your enemies with AOE damage.

Gameplay changes

Fortnite Chapter 4 brings several gameplay changes that will make the core experience even more interesting. You can now hurdle over small obstacles, and find motorcycles across the map. Besides these, there is a new material called Kinetic Ore that is said to “pull off physics sorcery” to attack your opponents. It’s unclear what Kinetic Ore does at this point, but more information will be available as the season progresses. You can also jump into a giant snowball and roll towards your enemies to sneakily attack them.

The most significant change in Fortnite Chapter 4 is Reality Augments. You will get a randomized choice of two Reality Augments as you play the game, which offers buffs and abilities. As long as you keep surviving in a match, you will collect more and more Reality Augments. These buffs and abilities will last until a match ends. There will be 22 Reality Augments in Fortnite, some of which are available right now and listed below:

  • Light Fingers – Light Ammo weapons reload faster
  • Mechanical Archer – Get a Mechanical Explosive Blow and a Mechanical Shockwave Bow
  • Aerialist – Glider redeploy for the remainder of the match
  • Supercharged – Vehicles have increased health and don’t consume fuel
  • Soaring Sprints – Jump higher and with lower gravity while sprinting

Source: 91 Mobiles.