Financial expert explains how Arsenal can catch up with Man Utd globally

Financial expert explains how Arsenal can catch up with Man Utd globally

Kieran Maguire has explained how Arsenal can catch up globally with the likes of Manchester United and Liverpool.

The Gunners are traditionally one of the big clubs in England, but they have struggled over the years both on and off the pitch.

Liverpool and United have made more progress in the commercial sphere, and finance expert Maguire insists that Arsenal is playing catch-up to their rivals at the moment.

However, they are not in a bad place and have many opportunities to close the gap between them.

He tells Football Insider:

“Football is a notoriously short-term sport in which attitudes change match-to-match.

“So finding a club that has a strategic long-term objective is rare in football.

“In terms of Arsenal, they are a club that are in the catch-up position but they also have the potential to expand their brand.

“So having initiatives in terms of building its digital network and connection with fans in markets such as the US is absolutely critical as they are lightyears behind Man United and Liverpool in terms of global presence.

“However, Arsenal do have the opportunity to establish themselves as London’s biggest club given their stadium and sporting success compared to rivals Tottenham. “

Just Arsenal Opinion

We have made steady progress recently but are paying for years of lack of success when United and Liverpool were doing well.

Our goal is not to catch up with our rivals, but instead to make progress on an off the pitch at our own pace and we are doing that currently.

If we win the league this season, that could win us more fans and open up new markets of opportunities for us around the world.

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