Fact Check: Instagram posts – Kid Rock didn’t tweet this about tyranny and face masks

Fact Check: Instagram posts – Kid Rock didn’t tweet this about tyranny and face masks

His name is Kid, Kid Rock, but he didn’t post this criticism about COVID-19 policies. 

“Some people wouldn’t recognize tyranny if it slapped a mask on their face, made them stand 6 feet apart, and forced them to take a vaccine for a virus with a 99.8% survival rate,” reads what looks like a social media post from an account called @KidRockOfficial.

“He is right!” said one Instagram account sharing a screenshot of the post. 

It was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. (Read more about our partnership with Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram.)

We couldn’t find any evidence that Kid Rock posted this. His social media accounts bear different names: Kid Rock on Facebook, @kidrock on Instagram and @KidRock on Twitter — not @KidRockOfficial.

There was once a @KidRockOfficial account on Gettr, a social media platform that’s popular with conservatives, is akin to Twitter that was founded by Jason Miller, a former spokesperson for former President Donald Trump. It’s been deleted, but it was still active back in October, when it posted criticism of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. We then fact-checked claims that Kid Rock was behind the post.The page didn’t belong to Kid Rock. According to the @KidRockOfficial bio, it was a “Kid Rock fan page.” 

We couldn’t find a Gettr account for Kid Rock, and it’s not listed among the social media accounts on his website. We also found no tweets about tyranny on his Twitter account. 

In April 2020, he tweeted “protect yourself and others by making a homemade mask” and in December of that year he shared a photo of himself in a Waffle House mask and said, “My mask game is getting strong!”

We rate claims that this post was from Kid Rock False.

Source: PolitiFact.

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