Facebook posts – No federal payments on the way for gas price relief

Facebook posts – No federal payments on the way for gas price relief

Americans squeezed by high gas prices might be tempted to believe a social media post that says federal relief is on its way, but the claim is running on empty.

“President Biden confirm(ed) everyone will receive their $1k gas checks this week!!” says a June 12 post on Facebook. The post continues, “Long as you don’t owe da state you will get the full amount which is $1k this week!! Most of you should have gotten it on yesterday. This is for all states!!!”

The post was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. (Read more about our partnership with Facebook.)

It’s not true. The federal government is not issuing gas stimulus checks.

A few bills have been introduced that would provide federal rebates to taxpayers, but they were both proposed in March and have not yet made it out of congressional committees.

Ten states have approved tax rebate payments, ranging from $75 in Idado to $850 in Maine, and six other states are considering similar measures, according to Forbes Advisor. Other states have had a gas tax holiday.

Congressional Democrats have been trying to garner support for a bill that would give the Federal Trade Commission more power to combat price gouging for gas, but it remains to be seen if the legislation will have the necessary support.

We rate the claim that the federal government will send $1,000 checks for gas price relief False. 


Source: PolitiFact.

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