Executive – Export at FlexFilms

Executive – Export at FlexFilms


Responsible for handling Export and related Documentation. Legalities, Banking and Logistics.



  • Planning and execution of dispatch of materials as per its readiness in the plant.
  • Handle all Statutory, procedural and commercial issues re Exports
  • Dealing with Banks, Customs and other regulatory bodies
  • Checking Export documents and instruments
  • Liaise with Clearing Agents, Customs and Receiving functions
  • Ensure proper documentation from both FFAPL and Buyer sides, as well as, Bank & Statutory documents as LC, NXP, CCI etc.
  • Able to negotiate best freight rates, liaising with custom authority and custom clearance of imported material and ensuring compliance to all govt regulations and guidelines
  • Coordinate closely with the shipping lines / agents for scheduling and booking shipment to ensure smooth and timely cargo delivery.
  • Track electronically the status of all the shipments and material issued for shipment
  • Day to day up-dation of data base related to Export shipments 
  • Carry out day to day activities of Export and communicate with service providers.
  • Liaise with Marketing and Production teams for planning, scheduling and delivery of goods and documents in an appropriate manner
  • Coordination with concerned Statutory and other agencies timely inspection and certification
  • Should apply the expertise in foreign trade policy and trade agreements procedures to avail full benefit for exports
  • Monitor Duty Drawback benefits and their receipt in compliance with customs law and regulations.


  • Liaise with Export Logistics end-to-end
  • Organize the outward transport arrangements for all goods
  • Check re loading, unloading and checking of goods
  • Check re loading, unloading, movement of goods and vehicles
  • Deal with Transporters, Drivers, Loaders and other logistics staff on ground and in office
  • Liaise with other teams for an efficient co-ordination in logistics

Technical and Behavioral Skills

  • Knowledge of Import/ export documentation, shipment processes and procedures
  • Knowledge of customs, VAT, foreign trade policies & procedures
  • Knowledge of Accounting, Banking, Insurance and Taxation
  • Able to generate creative/innovative solution in work solutions
  • Ability to demonstrate customer service orientation both for external and internal customers
  • Ability to foster team work (Functional and CFT) at a systemic level in the organization
  • Display sense of accountability and ownership of work and go beyond to achieve desired result
  • Ability to tackle problem by using logical, systematic and sequential approach
  • Display system and Process Orientation Approach
  • Ability to communicate in logical and simple manner and develop shared understanding and consensus on the specific goal/ objective.
  • Ability to identify and implement change in the system
  • Ability to link resources, strategy and goals to foster commitment to the vision of the organization

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