Exclusive Interview with Dimitis Nikolaou – Ex-team-mate of Arsenal’s new signing Jakub Kiwior

Exclusive Interview with Dimitis Nikolaou – Ex-team-mate of Arsenal’s new signing Jakub Kiwior

Interview for JustArsenal – Spezia – Nikolaou by Dimitris Manakos

Hi JustArsenal fans. I have interviewed the Spezia defender Dimitris Nikolaou, with the consent of Spezia. The Greek centre-back, who has played for 39 matches with Kivior. They were team-mates and they hung out in Italy.

He spoke to me about their relationship, about Kivior as a player and as a person, his qualifications, and his reaction when he found out he was coming to Arsenal. I posted it on England365.gr and have exclusively translated it into English and sent it to you so Arsenal fans can read Nicolaou’s statements and learn about their new defender…

I hope you appreciate my effort!

This is what Dimitris Nikolaou said about Kiwior on england365.gr: “He didn’t believe he was going to Arsenal.

“He stands out for his perception of the game, he also plays in the middle”!

They have played together on the pitch for 39 matches. He has lived it and knows it.

“Why should Arsenal get him”? What distinguishes Jakub Kivior from other central defenders?”

“He himself expected that from Spezia he will go to North London”?

These are the questions, which Dimitris Nikolaou answers for us, in his exclusive interview about his former teammate, translated from the Greek language England365!

Jakub Kiwior is only the fourth different footballer from Poland to play for Arsenal. A child who moved to North London from Spezia, for 20 million, in another transfer addition of the “gunners” that highlights the plan they have, in proportion to the way they spend.

Many did not know Kiwior and his way of playing, but somewhere here comes Dimitris Nikolaou to enlighten us. They coexisted in Spezia, they have been on the pitch together for 39 matches, he knows him and… introduces him to us.

The Greek defender spoke about his former teammate, the characteristics that distinguish him and the very big leap he made. How did Kivior react when he found out he was going to Arsenal? “He was lost and terribly happy”!

Read in detail the interview of Dimitris Nikolaou by journalist Dimitris Manakos, with the approval of Spezia:

First, I would like to ask you what you think about Jakub Kiwior. Tell us some features in his game that stand out to you.

“He is a very talented footballer. At a young age he played a lot of games last year and this year in Serie A. His strengths are that he is fast. He has an excellent pass and makes very good decisions in the game. How to mark the striker and where to pass the ball so it’s not contested.”

In England, who have not experienced him, they write that he can compete as a defensive midfielder. Does such a thing apply?

“Yes, he can also play as a defensive midfielder. Last year he filled that position in most games. He has the stuff to play in front of the defense and why not, he can do the same in England.”

What is the key quality in his game? Have you singled out anything from the time you were together on the field?

“The main quality he has is that he reads the phases very quickly and places himself where he needs to be to steal the ball. He’s very good and in the transition of the game, he has a great perception.”

Did you think he would take such a big step? You saw him every day, you knew his potential. Did it seem like a matter of time before something like this happened?

“The truth is that I didn’t expect him to make such a big leap, but he has many, many elements, so that this step he took can be carried out and supported to the absolute extent. He will cope with the pace of the Premier League!”

The world of the Premier League is special. How do you think he will manage to play at Arsenal and manage to be competitive at such a high level?

“Of course it can. He needs to work hard and get used to the pace of the league, and if that happens he will succeed.

What is the Pole like as a person? They attach great importance to the mentality of the footballer in England and to the consistency of off-field life…

“As a child he is very humble. He doesn’t care about much other than his family and football. He is terribly humble and calm.”

Finally, I would like to ask you how he reacted and how he announced to you that he was leaving? How was he feeling?

“As usual in such cases, the first few days you are a bit lost. So was Kivior, he was very happy and did not understand what was happening. When this became official, he was a little scared but also excited. He felt like a dream was coming true. And what a dream here we meet…”

Dimitris Manakos exclusively interviewed Kiwior’s ex-team mate in Greek for England365.gr


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