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Ex-SPLA-IO commander Gen. Nando flees Tambura to evade relocation after fierce battle that almost killed him

Former SPLA-IO Commander Gen. James Nando. [Photo via City Review]

JUBA – Former South Sudan opposition commander General James Nando who joined President Salva Kiir Mayardit last year has fled Tambura town to evade a relocation process that was authorized by President Salva Kiir Mayardit and First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny, after an overnight fierce battle that almost took his life, a senior government official in Western Equatoria state said.

The Western Equatoria State Minister of Information William Adriano who is a member of the opposition Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition led by First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny said Gen. Nando’s disappearance came after his forces were ambushed by the armed youth at a place called Source-yubu, a few kilometers from Tombura when they were heading towards Azzo County.

“Generally, the situation in Western Equatoria is still tough because last night on the side of Tombura there was an armed confrontation at around 9 pm between Gen James Nando (forces) and the armed youth under Angelo David,’’ the state minister said, according to the City Review on Thursday.

“So when he heard the deputy commander of SSPDF was going to relocate him last night (Wednesday), he decided to escape out from Tombura. He left Tombura yesterday without telling anybody when it was raining heading towards Azzo before reaching Source-yubu just a few kilometers away from Tombura then he fell into an ambush so there was heavy gunfire,” he explained.

He said the state authorities cannot investigate the cause of the fighting as of yesterday owing to poor network and insecurity saying since then, General Nando cannot be found in the state and that there were reports that he is in an area deep inside the jungle.

“We are following because there is no network where the incident happened and there are no people unless we send security team from Tombura to go and verify what happened last night. So this morning, Nando is nowhere to be found. I am told he is in source-yubu but he is not in source-yubu. He is an unknown location,” Adriano said.

“The trucks were here ready to proceed together with the deputy division commander but it was to our surprise that when our logistical support was ready, Nando was also escaping so that the deputy commander should not get him,” he added.

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