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Evo champion Reynald shares King of Fighters 15 tier list

It starts…

25 rey | Evo champion Reynald shares King of Fighters 15 tier list | The Paradise News

King of Fighters 15 has been out in the wild for a little over a week now and that means tier list season just kicked off. One of the very first to take a stab at organizing KOF15’s 39 characters by overall strength is none other than Evo 2013 King of Fighters champion, Reynald.

He spreads the roster across five different tier levels: S, S-, A+, A, and B+. (Yes, we too are wondering what happened to A-.) Continue on to see who Reynald has placed where and why.

Only four characters make it into S tier while 12 find themselves in S-. The biggest grouping is in A+ as there are 16 combatants there, and then just six and a lonely one in the final two categories, respectively.

We’ll offer a bit of a spoiler and say the it’s Whip who sits apart from everyone else as the distinctive worst character in the game right now, according to the SoCal player.

If you’d simply like to view the final result, you can do so by clicking the thumbnail here. You’ll get all of Reynald’s opinions mapped out right in front of you with the tier chart, but you won’t get his reasoning behind each of his placements.

We’ve also included Reynald’s video in which he does offer said reasonings as he compiles the tier chart in real time. Check it all out below and let us know whether or not you agree with the Evo champ’s picks in the comments afterwards.

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Source: Culled From Event Hubs.