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Everything you need to know about Lab Coat Android 21 before her impending release in Dragon Ball FighterZ

23 lab coat android launch | Everything you need to know about Lab Coat Android 21 before her impending release in Dragon Ball FighterZ | The Paradise News

Dragon Ball fans were pretty much immediately on board with Android 21’s design for Dragon Ball FighterZ when she was first unveiled, but they never officially got to play her non-Majin form — until now that is.

We’re now just mere hours away from the launch of Lab Coat Android 21, and here’s everything you need to know about DBFZ’s next (and potentially last DLC) character.

Although she has some moves that appear similar to the Android 21 we’re all familiar with, Lab Coat 21 is very much her own unique character with a different gameplan.

The most interesting aspect of Lab Coat 21 is probably her command grabs, which not only damage the opponent but also give her a nice boost.

Her special version of the command grab deals 1,000 damage to the enemy and actually heals herself by 500 though that’s not the true scary sauce.

It can also be used in the air and the draining throw can be followed up with by 21’s stomp special too.

What’s really going to make this new character tick is her command grab Super that is not only unblockable and does a fitting 2,121 damage but it also drains the opponent’s damage output.

Landing the Super permanently debuffs her opponent by reducing their damage 21%. Meanwhile, Lab Coat 21 adds that 21% damage buff to her own stats, so it’s likely going to be the crux of her gameplan.

For PC players, Lab Coat Android 21 is now available to purchase in the United States (and likely everywhere else) for $5 USD though it was previously unconfirmed whether she’d be free or paid DLC.

Of course, DBFZ will presumably require an update to add the new fighter to the game, but Bandai Namco hasn’t said whether the new patch is going to impact anything else about the game.

During the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour last week, FighterZ Producer Tomoko Hiroki stated they were looking into running more events for the massively successful fighting game though there was no mention of anymore DLC characters or major updates.

So we’re kinda left in the same situation we found ourselves in following Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta’s release last year.

You can check out Lab Coat Android 21’s official trailer up above as well as her full breakdown to help get you prepared for her impending launch.