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Everyday Saints Makes Christmas Offering

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This Nativity Fast, Pokrov Publications would like to make an offer you can’t refuse. For every retail-priced purchase of Everyday Saints and our other titles, 10 % of the book price will be donated to charitable causes such as Ukraine refugee relief through the ROCOR Fund for Assistance, the Eastern Diocese of the ROCOR, and International Orthodox Christian Charities.

The Fund for Assistance provides charitable help to a variety of causes, including emergency relief to countries such as Haiti, Dominican Republic, Bali, and to the Bethany Convent School in the Holy Land. It also provides assistance to youth programs and needy clergy families.

There are other organizations that receive donations through the Fund for Assistance site, such as the Holy Archangels Mission in Pakistan. Fr. Joseph Farooq, who heads this Orthodox mission community in Pakistan, reports that the community is in desperate need of their own church building.

The Eastern Diocese of the ROCOR has been collecting contributions to help suffering Ukraine.

We would also like to support International Orthodox Christian Charities in their efforts to help refugees from Ukraine.

You can leave a donation wish in the comment on the shopping cart page.

And an additional gift for you: For retail-priced every copy of Everyday Saints you will receive a copy of the Russian original, Несвятые святые.

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