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EventHubs argues over which characters were actually good in the Street Fighter 6 beta

We got our third and final beta test for Street Fighter 6 last weekend and have a better feeling than ever about the game’s emerging meta and which characters seem to gel best with it.

That said, we don’t necessarily agree… much at all. EventHubs’ Catalyst, DreamKing, and Velociraptor (me) each offer respective thoughts on all eight characters that were available in the open beta test, and it seems we see this game a good bit differently at this point.

The good thing is we all back up our opinions and speculations with respective reasonings, which really leads to a versatile view of the game.

The main objective here (at least as far as I’m concerned) isn’t so much to identify who the best and worst characters in the game are (as fun as that is) but rather to get a bigger picture idea of the emerging meta.

That is, we’re trying to hammer down what kinds of tools, abilities, and strategies look as though they’ll be most effective in the particular atmosphere of Street Fighter 6. Once we have a decent grasp of what those are, we can look to see which roster members are best equipped to perform.

This is only a limited snapshot that includes eight of the 18 characters that will be available upon SF6’s launch, and even then those eight will be tweaked via any individual and/or global changes developers make before launch day.

We go through each character, starting with Ryu, and share where we placed them on our respective tier lists and why. At the end of it all when all three opinions have been fully revealed, we also show off a composite tier list to offer what would be our averaged ordering.

Timestamps are included below the embed so that you have the freedom to jump around if you’re more interested in a particular character, and we’d love to hear any and all feedback on your experiences from the Street Fighter 6 open beta.

Feel free to list off your personalized ordering for the eight beta characters in the comments (doing so directly on YouTube would be much appreciated as well) and if you’re either informed or entertained by our video, please consider liking it and subscribing to our channel.


00:00 – Intro

01:01 – Ryu

05:09 – Ken

08:20 – Detailing Criteria

12:16 – Guile

17:22 – Kimberly

26:30 – Jamie

36:18 – Chun-Li

43:48 – Luke

47:07 – Juri

Street Fighter 6 is scheduled to release on June 2 for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam.


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