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Estranged Wife Of Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate, Emeka Nnamani, Accuses Him Of Domestic Violence, 'Kidnapping' Their Kids 

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The Labour Party candidate for Aba North/South Federal Constituency in the February 2023 presidential election, Emeka Nnamani has been enmeshed in domestic violence scandal involving his wife, Chinazor Nnamani.

The Managing Director, Enitona Hotels and Kappa Wood Ltd have been accused of battering his wife at every provocation.

Chinazor, a mother of three boys, told SaharaReporters that she left Nnamani along with her children in 2017 to save her life because of alleged domestic violence. 

She has since filed a suit in Abia State High Court seeking the separation of the marriage so that she could be alive to raise her kids. This, SaharaReporters gathered, was after efforts by family members to reconcile the couple did not yield results or stop Nnamani from allegedly assaulting his wife.

Chinazor, in a “Call For Help” posted on her Instagram page, shared a video of how her estranged husband allegedly used armed men to take away her two children on the premises of NEXT Cash & Carry Supermarket, Abuja in what could best be described as an abduction.

Narrating what happened in the video, she said, “The video you see here tells the story of how my estranged husband, Hon. Emeka Nnamani alongside some armed men harassed and brutalised me before forcefully abducting our two kids (aged 9 and 3 years) now 13 and 7 years.

“This abduction happened on the premises of NEXT Cash & Carry Supermarket, Abuja on 19th October, 2018. I and my kids had shopped at the supermarket and were heading to my car when a vehicle loaded with armed men sped into the premises with customers as seen in the videos running for safety and in fear. 

“I wasn’t expecting the attack to be on me and my kids but I held them and made attempt to run with the crowd when Hon. Emeka Nnamani and his men got off the vehicle and launched attack on me, snatching my little kids from me. I fought the much I could but after several punches from him and one of his armed men, they grabbed my kids and threw them forcefully into their already moving car. I took the third child I had with me and ran for safety. 

“Thankfully, a good Samaritan hid my child for me in his car while I went back to fight for the others. However, I was brutalised and Hon. Emeka drove off with the two kids threatening the security men at gunpoint to open the gate. I immediately reported the incident to the Nigeria Police Force who invited him but Hon. Emeka Nnamani refused to honour the invitation extended to him. 

“Since then, I have made all sacrifices and efforts just to see my sons whom he has denied me regular access to. I have visited Abia State severally only to be refused access to my kids. I listened to people who insisted I keep the ugly incident hushed for the sake of his political career but yet Hon. Emeka has no sympathy for a suffering mother who is in pain over her kids.

“On 10th September 2022, I was assaulted again by policemen sent by Hon. Emeka Nnamani while trying to see my children. Then I realised that I need to speak up to this constant intimidation and harassment.”

Meanwhile, Nnamani who has filed a legal action against his wife for libel, has allegedly threatened to kill her if she does not stop exposing his atrocities meted out to her in the past.

In a recorded phone conversation which SaharaReporters obtained, someone said to be Nnamani could be overheard telling one of his sons that he was afraid that his mother might be killed by his political supporters. 

According to him, his wife has collected N10 million from the opposition to dish out lies against him.

He said, “Now the truth of the matter is that the only thing I think is going on is that your mother is only finding a way to fend out the hatred she has for me. …the social media thing she is doing is that she is calling herself out because I am not going to respond to any of those things. I am bigger than that, it is the people that will respond to that, you know why? One, she does not understand that she is fighting not me but she is fighting the entire Labour Party which I represent because I am not an aspirant, I am a candidate. 

“Two is that she does not understand she cannot reverse my ticket. There’s no amount of scandal that will reverse it. The party has no right to wake up and say now we are taking your ticket. The window for substitution has closed.

“Three is that she is putting herself in danger. Why she putting herself in danger is because so many people who I carry along with me have invested hope in me. If Emeka Nnamani, I decide today that I want to step down, I might be shot in the head the next day… it is dangerous to deal with people who have invested hope in you. …now the news after your mother go around posting all those things is that she collected millions from my opponent and that put her in very seriously and dangerous situation.”

Meanwhile, when Nnamani was contacted on the telephone, he denied that he ever maltreated his wife. Although, he admitted that policemen manhandled her when she came to see her children in Aba, he said he never sanctioned or directed the security men to do so.

He, however, noted that the matter was already in court and would not speak more on the issue.

“This matter is already in court and is subjudice to talk about the matter in the media. One of the case is coming up on Tuesday, September 27, 2022,” he said.

Source: Sahara Reporters.