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English Tutor at MacTay Consulting

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Job Responsibilities:

Creating grammar courses.
Demystify the rules of concord, sentence construction and grammar.
Organize and execute lessons.
Develop materials and activities.
Hands out assignments and interesting exercises.
Detect students that needs extra attention and create customized plans.
Grade test and homework
Offer useful feedback for student improvement
Research and deploy improved teaching methods
Report to parents about their ward’s performance
Put together lesson plans in order to effectively incorporate the allotted duration of each lesson
Impart lessons efficiently using diverse styles of teaching subject to the content
Help students understand the structure and rules of the English language
Teach students how to correctly pronounce words
.Help students learn how to think critically in poetry and literature.

Job Requirements:

Must be a proficient first English language speaker
A patient, calm, and understanding personality
Passionate about student learning and education in general
Minimum of 2 years working experience as a teacher or tutor in a classroom, bringing this knowledge in practical terms in relating with students.
Should be psychologically aware of the demands of the job and patient enough to follow up students who might not be fast in learning.
Have some impressive educational qualifications to match with natural teaching skills
Have possessed some degrees in education and in colleges of education and universities in combination with other paraprofessional courses.
English tutors must be adept with core skills in English, Math, and other related fields
Should be able to plan and execute lessons sequentially.
.Should have excellent communication skills to be able to communicate with students and parents effortlessly.
Should be able to simplify lessons to enable easy understanding.
Should be patient enough to follow through with students who are slow in learning and lacking great retention abilities.
Should be able to compile lessons sequentially.
Ability to dish out lessons in engaging and meaningful manner while making it a bit fun for the students.
Ability to work with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, to be able to make presentation if need be.

Ability to work effectively and cordially within a team with other members. Of course this is a team consisting of the parents/guardians, tutor, and the students.

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