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‘He’s the best Police officer in Nigeria’, #EndSARS Protesters celebrate Policeman in Calabar

By Frankie Ifop

Can anything good come out of Nazareth? Yes, there is always a good egg amongst the bad ones and officer Igri Nkanu has proved that.

On Friday, October 16, 2020, during the second round of #EndSARS Protester in Calabar, Cross River State capital, South South Nigeria, something extraordinary happened. A Police officer caught the eye of the protesters who didn’t only celebrate with but showered him with love, gifts and made him understand that there is a reward in serving your country well.

Corporal Nkanu, a Police officer of the Traffic Warden Unit, has been a point of example to the entire Police force in recent years, following his resilience, passion and charisma in doing his work. Those who live or have been in Calabar can actually tell that wide smile from a man in Yellow shirt and black trouser in many parts of the city, including Calabar Road by Mary Slessor, Mary Slessor by Target Road, Mobil by MCC, and other junctions in the paradise city

While other Police officers abused their Units, which has led to the scrapping of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS unit, Nkanu is making his unit proud and the need for the people to recommit their hopes to the Nigeria Police Force in protecting their lives and properties.

Celebrating Nkanu, hear what Nigerians have to say about him;

“I know him, he is very hard working and deserves to be promoted. Check him at Mary Slessor by Calabar Road in Calabar and you’ll agree with me if you haven’t met him”, Jude Ereh said.

“I have walked throughout the West Africa coast, I only see Police Cpl Nkanu and other one man in Lagos, they are Dutiful and Decent at work. Bravo”, Ojo Emmanuel said.

“These are people that love their job with passion, I really admire his dedication to his work”, Isaac Igwe said.

“He has been known for exceptional service delivery. Fortunately, he happens to be my Playmate and village brother and friend. Nnah, Nnah is a thespian fellow with uncanny ability naturally endowed. He is a comic reliever. I celebrate you brother”, Sunday Mbang said.

“This guy is exceptional among his colleagues, very smart and committed officer at all time”, Ojah George Ojah said.

“If I’m asked to chose a good leader in police force, I will continue to chose this hard working Man”, Ifeoma Odey said.

“Let’s say he is one the few good eggs. I can attest to his dedication and passion for the job. Had severally gifted him some cash once I drive through De Choice Junction or Botanic Garden”, Bashir Usman said.

“Very nice man, I like watching him at work smiling even under sun and don’t ask for tips”, Ajie Chinenyenwa Juliet said.

“I witnessed someone giving him money one day and he refused the money saying he’s doing his job. He was rather much interested in moving the traffic than even talking. I pray for open doors for him”, Ashibekong Mary said.

“I know him, he’s an exceptional police officer, he’s around always around Marian hill junction controlling traffic”, Gabriel Ukah said.

“The nicest man in low rank uniform I’ve ever met. This is one person I give aid with the desire to do more, you got to love him executes his job with joy. He is a good man”, Jeff Osim said.

“Die-hard fan of officer Nkanu. Respect sire. Always loyal. If people like officer Nkanu are in a better position… I don’t think there will be anything like protest right now”, Bryt Sun said.

“Though I am no longer in Calabar but I missed this vibrate traffic warden that normally stays at Zoo Garden junction, indeed he is a Good man”, Izunna Potency Okeke said.

“One day, I’ll stop my car, come out of it, and donate a well packaged envelope to this man. He does what he does passionately, not seeking accolades. That’s the reason he’s getting accolades”, Don Bone said.

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