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Elon Musk Would Reverse Twitter Ban Of President Trump

Elon Musk, who recently purchased Twitter, spoke out against the permanent ban of former President Donald Trump calling it “morally wrong” and “foolish in the extreme”.

Musk did clarify that he does not own Twitter yet, so he can not do it today, but he did reveal his reasoning. Removing Trump from Twitter did not take away his voice, but rather amplified it on the Right for his base. Musk also pointed out that Trump has said he would not come back to Twitter, but stay on Truth Social which he founded.

Musk’s point was that it was better to have one forum where everyone can debate important issues in the same spot, rather than having separate echo chambers where each side gets more polarized.

Trump was removed from Twitter in 2020 following the January 6th event in which his critics claimed that he called for violence, despite clips of him (on Twitter as well) asking the protestors to peacefully protest the election results.

This incident perfectly outlines the double standard that Twitter has held when it comes to political opinions. Any suggestion that the 2020 race was fixed usually results in some action being taken against you. Yet, people are not censored for suggesting that the 2016 election was stolen from Hillary Clinton by the Russians through multiple Facebook posts. 

Multiple people, including the incoming White House press secretary, also continue to assert that the previous Gubernatorial race in Georgia was stolen from Democrat Stacey Abrams. This baseless conspiracy is also not considered disinformation.

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It was for reasons like this that Elon Musk felt it necessary to buy up the platform to allow for a more healthy exchange between both sides. Will it work? Only time will tell.