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Dragon Ball FighterZ announces when they'll announce more information about rollback netcode and next gen releases

By Dakota ‘DarkHorse’ Hills

And when the World Tour Finals is taking place

03 dragon ball announce announcement | Dragon Ball FighterZ announces when they'll announce more information about rollback netcode and next gen releases | The Paradise News

Since they finally got their wish a few months back, fans had been hoping more information about Dragon Ball FighterZ’s rollback netcode update would come out of today’s Road to Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2023 event, and it technically did.

At least, Bandai Namco announced when they’ll probably announce more info about DBFZ’s rollback and next generation releases at the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour 2022-2023 Finals.

Next year, Bamco is planning the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2023 event taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada featuring competitions and announcements for DBFZ, Dragon Ball Legends and the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

The event will take place across 2 days from March 4–5, 2023 with the first day of competition serving as a last chance qualifier tournament featuring up to 256 players.

Only the 2 players with the highest score will then move on to the bracket with the 18 other previously qualified competitors, and one final bracket will determine who of those last 8 remaining is best in the world on the second day.

That means March 5 is more than likely going to be the day where the developers are finally going to provide more concrete details about the future of DBFZ because they didn’t say much today.

“Fans had been asking us to add rollback for quite some time, but there was just so much going on that we couldn’t find the right time, so it’s been a long time coming,” said Producer Tomoko Hiroki. “Now that we’re finally able to implement rollback, it was a privilege to be able to make that announcement.”

And that lack of new information today certainly did not go unnoticed by the community.

Back in August, Bandai Namco revealed rollback would be coming to FighterZ, but only on the new releases for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S plus the existing PC version.

The didn’t tell fans, however, when they should be expecting this updated version to release though it’s now looking like it’ll be at least a decent ways into 2023.

We do know though that Dragon Ball FighterZ isn’t receiving any more new content or balance updates, so the base experience will largely stay the same except for the improved online play.

Source: Event Hubs