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Doubts about Sora's viability in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have vanished overnight due to Kameme's recent tourney performance

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By Justin ‘AdaptiveTrigger’ Gordon

26 viable sora bnr | Doubts about Sora's viability in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have vanished overnight due to Kameme's recent tourney performance | The Paradise News

Everyone should know by this point that Kingdom Hearts’ Sora was the last DLC fighter to be added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Sora’s inclusion was a pretty big deal considering how Masahiro Sakurai later confirmed that Sora was the true winner of the Smash Ballot that was hosted during the era of Super Smash Bros. 4. Up until this happened, Sora’s inclusion was believed to be impossible.

Ironically, however, Sora has not exactly been the most popular of the DLC characters after he was released. Compared to other DLC characters like Joker, Terry Bogard, Byleth, Steve, Kazuya, and so on, Sora was believed to be a fighter that wasn’t quite viable in the current tournament environment. Going against this perception, R2G|Kameme’s performance at Glitch Regen might be enough to change everyone’s perspective about the Kingdom Hearts rep.

Although Glitch Regen was an event taking place at Laurel, Maryland, Japanese competitors like Kameme and SBI|KEN showed up in hopes of collecting points from this Gold event for this year’s Smash World Tour. There were over 500 players competing at the event this weekend.

With Sora as his main character along with Mega Man and Sheik as backup characters, Kameme was able to break his way into the top 8 and even secured a 2nd place finish. Using just Sora, Kameme managed to eliminate Jake (Steve), NVR|PkChris (Ness), SSG|Zomba (R.O.B.), and BAN|Sonix (Sonic) within the top 8 before getting eliminated himself to Moist|Light (Fox) in the grand finals.

Leading up to the top 8, Kameme was originally sent to the losers bracket by Sonix, but Kameme was able to secure his revenge later in the tournament. It’s certainly worth noting that Sonix was able to secure himself a massive victory earlier in the year by taking CEO 2022’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament.

Needless to say, all of this happening proved to be quite the surprise for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community due to a perception that Sora was on the lower end of mid tier. Up until this point, Sora barely had any noteworthy tournament placements that said otherwise.

Compared to other DLC combatants in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sora is actually fairly basic. While fighters like Joker, Terry Bogard, Sephiroth, and Kazuya have a bunch of unique “DLC mechanics” (that are often compared to “comeback mechanics”), Sora is almost as straightforward as someone like Mario.

Of course, this is kind of the point of Sora as outlined by Masahiro Sakurai’s presentation on the character. Sora is intended to be somewhat easy to play. This (among other reasons) has resulted in Sora being super floaty with some of the best recovery options in the game.

Though Sora’s floatiness does wonders for his ability to recover, it really hampers on his approach options. More specifically, this makes it somewhat difficult to use jumping as a viable approach against projectiles.

Still, Sora’s combo options were always seen as a bit of a saving grace for him. With enough practice, it was possible to perform specific loops in certain scenarios.

During Kameme’s run, however, we saw the practicality of just using Sora’s strings to setup kill confirms. Even though Kameme used Mega Man and Sheik for specific match ups and encounters, Sora was the character that carried him all the way to second place.

Check out a few notable matches that happened featuring Kameme’s Sora in the videos below:

Video source: Video Game Boot Camp.

Source: Event Hubs