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Does YouTuber Peter Chao Have Girlfriend? What is His Relationship With Chelsea McGeachy?

We don’t know who YouTuber Peter Chao’s real-life girlfriend is, but his YouTube girlfriend is Linda Dong. Peter Chao has a wife who lives far away from his girlfriend. Chelsea McGeachy, according to Peter’s numerous vlogs and posts, is his wife.

Peter Chao is a well-known YouTuber from Canada. He is well-known for uploading amusing content that depicts Asian stereotypes. Only “Peter Chao” is the name of his YouTube channel.

Peter Chao, a YouTuber, has previously been involved in a controversy. His account was suspended for 14 days after he uploaded a video mocking African-Americans.

Who is Peter Chao Wife?

Peter Chao has a wife named Chelsea McGeachy, according to his numerous vlogs and YouTube posts. Peter recorded a YouTube video in which he plans a surprise dinner for Chelsea on their anniversary, but the video does not show the aftermath.

He also stated that they had been married for four years and had been together for seven years. They have been married for over seven years as of 2020.

Peter Chao revealed the face of his beautiful wife, Chelsea McGeachy, in one of his Instagram posts. You can tell how much Peter loves his wife just by looking at the caption. Many fans were taken aback when they saw Peter Chao’s wife.

Peter Chao and Chelsea McGeachy are a lovely couple who are married. peterchao/Instagram is the source of this image.

Believe us when we say that many fans can’t stop themselves from giggling when they see Peter Chao’s stunning wife. We can deduce from the comments that many people were aware of Peter Chao’s dating life.

Chelsea McGeachy, Peter Chao’s wife, used to appear frequently in his YouTube vlogs, but she has vanished for some reason.

Peter shows a scene with his wife in one of his videos titled “VERY INAPPROPRIATE PATDOWN!” YouTube requires users to sign in to confirm their age due to the sensitivity of the content.

The marriage between Peter Chao and his wife, Chelsea McGeachy, appears to be going strong. Their love for each other is still as nascent as it was when they first met.

Away from the glare of the spotlight

Chelsea is rarely seen on Peter’s social media accounts. Perhaps he wants to keep his personal life private and keep his wife, Chelsea, out of the spotlight. He also rarely shares photos of his stunning wife on social media.

Furthermore, as of June 2020, the married couple does not appear to have any children. Perhaps they aren’t ready to start a family just yet.

They appear to be content with their married life. And, when the time comes, the couple could start thinking about starting a family.

Peter Chao: YouTube

Peter Chao is a rising YouTube star with over 797K subscribers. Peter will likely receive the YouTube Creator Award soon after reaching the 1 million subscriber milestone, based on his current pace.

As a result, Peter Chao’s YouTube channel is on the verge of reaching a million subscribers. He has undoubtedly succeeded in creating a fantastic platform in the YouTube industry.


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