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Digital Product Manager at Renmoney

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As a Product Manager, you will work with our clients adopting Continuous Discovery and Delivery techniques throughout the product development lifecycle. You’ll have the opportunity to play a key role in helping our clients solve their product challenges, while also supporting us in growing our business.


  • Gather requirements, define functionality and set goals in a clear, actionable format that can be used to communicate with the team and drive product delivery
  • Identify, prioritise and resolve technical, functional, and business quality issues across devices, platforms, and use cases that are applicable to the product
  • Use data to generate actionable insights, to leverage those insights to achieve goals set for the product, and to connect those quantified goals to meaningful outcomes for the business
  • Leverage user feedback in the form of usability tests, focus groups, surveys, and other forms of research to understand how users engage with the product, make better decisions, and drive meaningful outcomes for the business
  • Define requirements and deliver UX designs that are easy to use, leverage UX best practices and dovetail with the predominant UX patterns present in the product both as an individual and working with the design team,
  • Define an overall vision for the product that connects to the strategy for the team and the company. The ability to define a clear roadmap of highly prioritised features and initiatives that deliver against that vision



  • Secondary research skills
  • User research skills
  • Analytical skills


  • Experience working in a financial institution

This job is perfect for you if you

  • Enjoy being involved in all parts of the product development life cycle – from discovery, analysis, testing right up to release planning
  • Have a genuine interest and curiosity for all things digital across web, mobile and social
  • Possess great written and verbal communication skills, confident when dealing with clients
  • Knowledge and experience of different delivery methods (i.e. Scrum, Scaled Scrum, Waterfall, etc.) and ability to flex between them
  • Have experience in using UX prototyping tools such as Balsamiq, Axure RP or similar
  • Have experience documenting, identifying dependencies and prioritising product backlog items with Jira, or similar, and estimating relative effort via story points
  • Possess the ability to capture insights via Google Analytics, Mixpanel or similar and analyse data using Excel, Google Data Studio or similar

You will not enjoy this job if you

  • Work best in structured, hierarchical settings
  • Require clear, pre-set deliverables and constant direction
  • Are used to working in/with a large team

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