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Didn't get into the Street Fighter 6 beta? These folks know how you feel and have made memes to help ease the pain

By Steven ‘Dreamking23’ Chavez

05 memesbnr | Didn't get into the Street Fighter 6 beta? These folks know how you feel and have made memes to help ease the pain | The Paradise News

The Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta Test is the talk of the town right now, with numerous players and fans excited to finally get their hands on the game all from the comfort of their own homes. Unfortunately, much like the name suggests this is a “closed” test meaning not everyone who applied will get in.

Just as there are those who are hitting social media to celebrate being sent a beta code, there are far more folks out there who are also on Twitter sharing their disappointment for not being accepted in. One of the best ways to deal with a hard time is to find the humor in it, and a lot of people in the fighting game community are helping cope with not getting into the Street Fighter 6 beta by making memes about it. Here are some of the best ones we found online.

If you’re among the players who didn’t get chosen for the closed beta this time around, hopefully these funny memes will help ease that pain a bit.

There is an interesting assortment of memes here, from downright classics to those who created completely original pieces to share how they’re feeling. Some range from straight up pissed (which is understandable) to a begrudging congratulations to those who managed to make the cut.

Right out of the gate we have an absolutely apt meme from Robin Hood. “Spare a #SF6beta code for a man down in his luck?” writes Twitter user Sephamus as Robin Hood can be seen shaking his cup asking for spare change.

We move onto two absolute classics in the Eric Andre “Let Me In!” meme and Squidward watching Spongebob and Patrick frolic outside while he’s stuck at home. The feeling of desperately wanting to get into the beta and that of watching your friends play while you can’t is certainly real, and these two memes are perfect for expressing that.

Here we have a totally made up rejection message that is pretty damn funny. While those who got in received a message from Capcom thanking them for taking this opportunity, this phony email lets you know that your “neutral was probably trash anyway” and wishes you luck for next time.

Artist Quasimodox put together a quick art piece showing a backhand deal where Mika is paying to get herself a beta code from a shady character. Considering the fact that people are already selling their Street Fighter 6 beta codes on ebay at the time of writing this, Quasimodox’s take on things is quite accurate.

What happens when two of your work colleagues get into the beta and you didn’t? You make this exact face of Homelander from The Boys. That’s right.

Did you make it into the Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta Test? Let us know in the comments below.

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