Democrats Can Seize the ‘Pro-Life’ Label and Win the Culture War and the Election, or Get Crushed

Democrats Can Seize the ‘Pro-Life’ Label and Win the Culture War and the Election, or Get Crushed

Democrats don’t have to walk into the midterms like sheep to the slaughter. They have the opportunity to win over voters, but only if they finally speak up, share their values, fight back against slanderous accusations, and contrast their popular proposals with the GOP’s regressive pro-death agenda.

Currently, the Democrats resemble a pathetic, neutered party that fights from its knees and brings a dull butter knife to a gunfight. Meanwhile, Republicans load up their bazookas.

With only a few months before the midterm elections, Democrats have not held public televised hearings over the Jan. 6 coup attempt—supported by numerous Republican lawmakers and officials. Unlike the GOP—which successfully smeared the Squad (and by extension, Democrats) as woke extremists—they have not called out actual GOP extremists, such as Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar, as representing the base of the GOP.

And while Democrats have ignored the GOP’s pedophile smears, the QAnon conspiracy theory has become part and parcel of the GOP’s mainstream talking points, featured heavily during Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s recent confirmation hearings.

Want to guess how this lateral strategy of not fighting back has worked out?

Democrats are suffering from abysmal poll numbers and stumbling towards a potentially disastrous 2022 midterms—with American voters not giving them love for passing a historic infrastructure bill, COVID relief, and presiding over massive job growth. President Joe Biden recently acknowledged that perceptions and messaging, not facts, determine reality and his political fate.

Fortunately, Michigan state Sen. Mallory McMorrow has figured it out. The young Democrat elected in 2018 provided her party with a successful messaging blueprint last week when she passionately responded to GOP State Sen. Lana Theis’ vile “grooming” accusations.

McMorrow wasn’t silent and she didn’t ignore the slanderous comments. Instead, she reframed the conversation and promoted a message of diversity and inclusion informed by her values as a self-described white, straight, Christian mom. She spoke with authority, claiming an identity that has been hijacked by Republicans to nurture white grievance, and instead used it to shame the GOP for their homophobia, fearmongering, and ugly conspiracy theorizing. (I only wish she would have called out the GOP’s support for Rep. Matt Gaetz, who is currently accused of sex-trafficking a minor, and Trump’s support for Roy Moore, who was credibly accused of molesting young girls.)

Regardless, her video went viral, she fired up the Democratic base, and she raised an astronomical sum of a quarter-million dollars in less than a day. Even President Biden picked up the phone to thank her.

Instead of shying away from the culture wars (another third rail for timid Democrats), they need to fully dive in this time.

Following in her footsteps, Sen. Elizabeth Warren finally decided to go on offense….

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