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Dear Adamu Garba, Peter Obi is a fulfilment of your prophecy

Recent statement by Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi, where he reiterated his commitment to building a Nigeria that will be beneficial to every Nigerian, was not well received by the opposition who couldn’t recall the last time they slept well since Obi’s shocking performance in the February 25th presidential election.

Obi who is currently in court to challenge Tinubu’s controversial victory in the last election after the nation’s compromised electoral body INEC, declared Tinubu winner, said while he is focused on regaining the People’s mandate in court, he however, remains committed to lifting people out of poverty and “transforming Nigeria STARTING FROM THE NORTH to every part of the nation.”

While it is obvious that the North has been adjudged as the most poverty ridden, unsecured, underdeveloped and backward region in the country despite it’s massive potentials, Obi’s statement on developing and unleashing the enormous potentials of the region has been deliberately misconstrued by supposed enlightened political figures in the North. 

Former presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba, is one of many who took issues with Obi’s statement, describing it as insulting to the North, and vowing that Obi would never become president.

He twitted, “We know you are insulting us, we the Northerners Mr. @PeterObi and we are assuring you that as far as Presidency of Nigeria is concerned, it shall remain in your illusionary dream forever.”

“You’ll never come close to it. You bigoted, religious, ethnocentric merchant,” he added.

As acknowledged by Garba himself in this article, the Northern region of the country is known for its vast arable land, mineral resources, and pastoral farming, yet it remains one of the poorest and underdeveloped regions in the country. This has led to various debates and arguments about the cause of the North’s backwardness.

However, with Peter Obi’s determination to transform Nigeria from a consumption country to a production country, there is no doubt that the North has a lot to gain should he eventually take over the reigns as president.

His proposed transformation agenda would ensure the region is secured and attractive to both local and foreign investors which in turn, would lead to more investments in the region. The conducive environment, would also lead to increased productivity in the region, resulting in more job opportunities, increase income levels, and ultimately improve the standard of living for the people.

Furthermore, with the right policies and investments in agriculture, the region could become a major food hub not just for Nigeria, but for the entire West African sub-region. This would have a positive impact on food security and also reduce the nation’s dependence on food imports.

In view of these, it is therefore strange that any sane person from the North, would oppose Obi’s good intentions for the region.

Article by Kassai Adams, via Critical Voices.

Twitter: @CWAAdams

Source: National Pivot

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