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DA insists Zondo recommendations are binding, wants to grill Ramaphosa about this


“SA needs to know that the process to end state capture is on track and the R1bn plus of public money that paid for the Zondo commission into state capture was not for mere advice and not spent in vain.

“The president is due to table his plan for implementing Zondo’s recommendations in October. SA needs to put maximum pressure on him to do the right thing by the country and implement the recommendations without fear or favour.”

According to Steenhuisen, it is particularly urgent for the president to put an end to the governing party’s cadre deployment policy. This after Zondo branded it “illegal and unconstitutional”. The DA has been relentless in attempting to force the ANC’s hand on the matter, going as far as approaching the courts.

“Without cadre deployment, the ANC would not have been able to control almost every institution of state, making state capture possible and shackling all fight-back mechanisms.

“The speaker is meant to be an impartial presiding officer of the National Assembly, which is constitutionally tasked to prevent abuse of power by the executive. But she, too, is simply a product of cadre deployment, the ANC’s project to ‘control all levers of power’ in the party’s own interest, which enabled state capture in the first place.”


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Source: TimesLIVE