Cuba has successfully vaccinated 90% of its polulation

Cuba has successfully vaccinated 90% of its polulation

90% of the Cuban population has received the entire COVID-19 immunization program, implying that 9,966,280 individuals have a prepared and able immune function to respond effectively to the virus.

“There is the innovation, hard work, and devotion of the Healthcare system and of a nation of men and women who, notwithstanding the genocidal obstruction imposed on us by the United States, never failed in their attempts to do their bit for the life of their folks,” the Health Ministry said in a tweet.

According to the MINSAP, the Cuban vaccines Soberana 02 and Soberana Plus, from the Finlay Research center of Flu shots, and Abdala, for whom the holder is the Centre point for Genetic Biotechnologies, were administrated in the nation with the Emergency Use Permission by the Core for the State Control of Medications, Hardware, and Medical Products, from the July and August 2021.

10,672,104 persons have gotten at least one dosage of one of these vaccinations, with 9,411,243 receiving 2 doses and 9,112,459 receiving a third.

Only 137 individuals have remained hospitalized since the first cases of COVID-19 surfaced in March 2020, out of 1,105,461 patients suffering from the disease in Cuba. The epidemic has claimed the lives of 8,529 people, resulting in a lethality rate of 0.77 percent, compared to 1.18 percent worldwide and 1.73 percent in the Americas. Two evacuations and 57 repatriations to their home countries have been reported in slightly over two years.

The usage of the nasobuco or mask has been optional in Cuba since May 31, a step taken in response to the island’s success in combating the epidemic.

Source: Medriva.

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