Cross River State Special Advisers Battles On Facebook (Must Read)

Cross River State Special Advisers Battles On Facebook (Must Read)
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Inok Solomon to Ifere Paul, if I am a 419 like you, I will be the best because I will change people for good.

You came to Cross River State with complete lack of persistence, why because you thought you are coming to deal with people still backward and unintelligent.

You came unknowing to those who are gullible to look at you from your deceitful personalities; those who have no foundation and felt you can come and force power on them through falsehood and blackmail. Today, they still make you feel like a blind man leading them.

You failed to recognize and clearly define exactly what you wanted and so you conditioned and is still conditioning all around you. If I lie, take these words today, that you will never in your live time, identify with any who will become a winner through your styles of blackmails.

You came with a blind sight living only on procrastination,  with or without cause backing up all your failed attempt with array of alibis and excuses.
I can optimistically,  because I know,  tell and choose who will still win as governor come 2019. I do not procrastinate because I play through the rules not against the rules.

Those who do not know you should know today that from your nature, you are an indifference kind of person, this is reflected in your readiness to compromise on all occasions, rather than meet opposition and fight it.

Your major focus is searching for all short – cuts to riches, trying to get without giving a fair equivalent,  usually reflected in the habit of gambling or endeavouring to drive ‘sharp’ bargains.

Today, you bargain with every disgruntled man in Cross River, with the sole purpose of gaining your individual self centred goals. The more you fail, the more you get personal in attacks,  insults, and blackmails  to keep your market open.

 Very importantly, I will tell you, that huge number of people make mistakes in marriages, in careers, in doing what they know best in life or attempting to improve and grow better, stand – by the bargain and go through life miserable and unhappy because they fear criticism that may follow if they correct the mistake.

You are sick of just this, but I Inok, Solomon. I have grown above that level and that makes me better and ever will remain better than you. I hold today, the Post of a Special Assistant haven been upgraded in just a year from the post of a Personal Assistant. I am serving my state in this capacity before you. I do not lie, cheat, and build ego around myself just to gain negative ambitions through defrauding  greedy and innocent  citizens.

I tell you if other generations of Cross Riverians, refused to take chances in business, in endeavours and grow, because they fear the criticism that may follow if they fail. The fear of criticism in such cases is stronger and have been the greatest set back to our growth as a state because it’s stands first than the desire for success.

Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes, ideas are products of the imagination. The story of practically every great fortune starts with the day when a creator of ideas and the seller of ideas got together and worked in harmony.  Ayade today have Ideas, that is scaring your brains because they knock out your deceit tactics.

Once creators of ideas and sellers of ideas  meet, there is an understanding put down into documents called Memorandum of Understanding, (MoU). But since you lack the workings of ideas, you long for only what set your 419 goals higher than the growth of a people in any MoU.

The majority of people who fail to accumulate money sufficient for their needs are, generally, easily influenced by the opinions of others.  But what are the real motives of these opinions? Fear keep us far from attempting to be critical in asking. Opinions are the cheapest commodities on earth. Everyone has flock of opinions ready to be wished upon anyone who will accept them.

But why is such an opinion seem best to such a giver? Motive is hidden, only time reveals the true content of the heart.

Cross Riverians,  we are in governance not elections and campaigns.

From Inok Solomon, SA to Governor Ben Ayade.

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