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C’River superstar, Challex D Boss, announces dates for USA tour

Challex D Boss has announced his USA tour dates shortly after the Afrobeat sensation and Cross River State lead artist departed for New York to join his family.

It took the conscious musician a few weeks before all his plans were made public as he has definitely stepped up his game.

Challex D Boss who in recent years climbed to the limelight and is currently dominating the music scene in Cross River, has yet again shown how focused he is when it comes to his Music career. He has a lot of achievements to his name including selling the biggest show hall in Calabar with a capacity of 2,000 people, and he is arguably the best independent artist, show and entertainment contributor in the state. Amidst all the achievements and popularity, Challex D Boss is highlighted as the most consistent artist in the state.

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His USA tour announcement came early this week, as he revealed to a correspondent, “My intention is to tour Europe and I’m ready for it.”

He will be touring Maryland, New York and New Jersey in February 2023; Texas and Chicago in March and in April he will end the tour in Miami and California.