COVID lockdown advocate livestreams himself breaking isolation rules

COVID lockdown advocate livestreams himself breaking isolation rules

A Calgary doctor who has been an outspoken supporter of government-imposed COVID-19 restrictions appears to have contracted COVID and live-streamed himself breaking isolation rules this week. 

Joe Vipond, an emergency room physician and climate change activist, posted a long Twitter thread on Apr. 23, beginning with a “grumpy acknowledgement” that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

Vipond, who said he was in Ottawa and travelling to a conference, obsesses over having contracted the virus despite his three doses of COVID-19 vaccine and his dogmatic use of a respirator mask and goggles while indoors. 

“I was super careful. on the airplane, goggles and respirator mask. in taxis, respirator mask with window cracked. Daily RATs. Ensured others around me masked indoors. Never took off respirator mask indoors. Air purifier in each room I slept in.”

Despite confirming with three rapid antigen tests that he had contracted the virus, Vipond appears to have posted a now-deleted livestream of himself on Parliament Hill on Apr. 26 – only three days after testing positive on Apr. 23.

The province of Ontario recommends self-isolating for five days after testing positive for COVID, or ten days if the subject is immunocompromised. Vipond’s Twitter thread where he announced his COVID infection proclaims he has deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, which would suggest he is indeed immunocompromised. 

“I’ve mentioned before I have a pre-existing condition,” he said. “This past summer I was diagnosed with DVT/PE, suspect from a hereditary problem, and am currently on blood thinners.”

When questioned on Twitter about apparently breaking provincial COVID restrictions by being out and about, Vipond replied that he had “consulted with Ontario Health” and that he would be “self-isolating” en route as he travels by car back to his home province of Alberta.

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