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COVID-19 positive rate reaches a new milestone as Russia records 4,262 daily cases 

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The number of COVID-19 cases in Russia climbed by 4,262 in a single day, according to the anti-coronavirus crisis center, bringing the total to 18,339,775, Trend reported, citing TASS.

The pace of increase reached 0.02 percent in relative terms. The previous day, around 1,965 people were hospitalized in Russia with COVID-19, a 13.9 percent decrease from the day before. 

The number of hospitalized patients decreased in 53 districts while increasing in 27. In five regions, the situation remained unchanged. The previous day, 2,281 individuals were brought to hospitals.

According to the anti-coronavirus crisis center, the number of COVID-19 cases in Moscow climbed by 353, bringing the total to 2,771,288. In St. Petersburg, the number of COVID-19 instances increased by 291 the previous day, bringing the total to 1,530,085.

Source: Medriva.