Could Arsenal’s away game at Man City be the ultimate decider in the title race?

Could Arsenal’s away game at Man City be the ultimate decider in the title race?

In the end, as per Simon Jordan, the PL title may be decided on the 26th of April when Manchester City host Arsenal at the Etihad. I know by now you are wondering how so. Well, there is a huge chance Arsenal can match City’s results from now until then. If that’s the case, Arsenal losing to City will give Man City a chance to fight for the PL title in the homestretch.

On the other hand, if Arsenal beat Man City then, they would have given the perfect knock out out of the PL title race. “But the point is, I still think there is such a small margin. If they match each other’s results and get to that game [on April 26] and Man City beat Arsenal, I still think there is a possibility Arsenal can blink,” said Jordan on talkSPORT.

“Man City are in no rich vein of form. They aren’t the Man City of old. But they are still compelling. I still think it is a 50/50 run-in.” Anyway, Jordan, like many, still believes Arsenal could win the Premier League and believes it could be a beautiful story if they do so, saying, “If Arteta wins this Premier League, no one would have seen it; no one would have picked it when they got pipped to fourth spot by Spurs last season. No one would have picked them to go into the ascendancy like they have done.

“It is remarkable because if you look at the component parts of Arsenal, they do not have a squad on a pound-for-pound, player-by-player basis comparable to Manchester City.”

We may not have the expensive squad that Guardiola has, but we have a united and extremely talented team that has the belief that we can go all the way this season.

Personally I think we will be too far in front of City before the away game at the Ethad to make the result crucial to our title hopes!

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