Cop in Senzo Meyiwa murder trial contradicts crucial evidence given by his colleague

By Shonisani Tshikalange (Shonisani Tshikalange)

He testified that the task team arrived on his second visit to the scene, which was on the morning after the night of the murder.

Mthethwa said they received the call at about 20.53pm through radio control and the incident was reported as a shooting in progress. They were given the address and house number. 

He told the court after being excused by the task team, he was back at the station at around 10pm.

Mosia, however, said the incident was reported to him at 23:55pm and he arrived on the scene at 00:20am.

Travelling in a marked work car in their uniforms, Mthethwa said they proceeded to the house 10 minutes after the incident was reported.

He said they met a man named Themba who identified himself as the uncle and brother of MaKhumalo.

“We asked him what happened but he said he had no idea because he was also called to come to the house. He told us someone had been shot and was rushed to hospital.

“We opened the door and went inside. The uncle unlocked the door because he was the one in possession of the key. We used the kitchen door. We entered but left because there was no information forthcoming from the uncle. We asked him to lock the door.”

He told the court he had spotted two cans of alcohol.

He said neighbours gathered and some alleged two people were seen running towards a park.

State prosecutor George Baloyi said they intended to call some of those witnesses to testify.

Mthethwa said because Themba didn’t have information about what happened in the house, they decided to go to Botshelong Hospital where they came across a BMW with two occupants.

“The woman inside told us Meyiwa had been shot and died in hospital. She told us there were people inside the hospital and she left,” he said.

He said that is when they met MaKhumalo, who travelled back with them and relayed what had happened.

He said at the hospital, he was taken to see Meyiwa and confirmed to the court that he had been shot.

“ I saw he had a bullet hole,” he said, pointing to the middle of his stomach.

He told the court he found the same uncle at the house when they returned, and he cordoned off the scene.

“When we entered the first thing we checked was cartridges. We checked and found a bullet projectile on the floor in the kitchen. We also found a hat in the kitchen with a crutch,” he said.

He said that is when they called the client service centre to organise detectives and photographers.


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Source: TimesLIVE

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